Thank you Mr. President

For doing the right thing in, ensuring the release of Brebner Changala and his sister, who were facing certain imprisonment on the contrived charges of drug trafficking.

Your action Mr. President has struck a blow against profligacy and impunity which has consigned many prominent Zambians to their early deaths, while others have suffered imprisonment accompanied by shattered reputations.

Like King Jehoiakim of the Bible you have delivered Brebner your very severe critic from sure damnation and imprisonment.

There is no question that, Brebner’s search and subsequent prosecution were planned and executed by individuals who have no qualms in abusing state power to exact retribution. They chose to abuse the trust that you reposed in them to harm innocent people.

We appeal to you your Excellency to institute an internal investigation to establish the source of instructions that propelled the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) to undertake this contrived scheme. The officers were obviously working under very superior instructions.

Your Excellency, it is clear that Brebner and his sister are not the first neither are they the last victims of rogue authority bent on inflicting injustice.

You yourself, Mr. President suffered under contrived charges schemed by the very people who are presently in authority. The allegations you faced, including the unbailable charge of theft of motor vehicle and fanning insurrection, farfetched as they saw you in Chimbokaila. Gladly you survived the experience, but sadly many others did not fare as well. Some victims have been driven to their early graves where they will continue to be reviled while others have suffered period of imprisonment from which their names will not be cleansed.

That is why we thank you Mr. President that under your guard, you saw it fit to imprint a moral ethic based on a righteous conscience to achieve justice.

Jeremiah preached for genuine ethical reforms that would bring about societal transformation, and for this he attracted the wrath of the intelligencia, the priests and general leadership. His warning that God would destroy the Temple of Jerusalem unless they converted resulted in his arrest and incarceration.

He dared challenge the status quo, the corruption and avarice that existed.Your Excellency it is very tempting to be comfortable with sin because it does not challenge us, it does not demand any effort and exertion as it comes naturally.

On the other hand righteousness especially that which is based on moral principles challenges us because it calls for prudent judgment and it is said that whoever follows his conscience is indeed prudent.

Sadly there are those among us who lack a moral conscience. They will scheme to commit sin and then hide behind technicalities, blame others and generally spew high sounding rhetoric to present themselves as virtuous and moral people. These are empty vessels, loud gongs that have no soul or heart.

It is the duty of every Christian to aspire to the highest gospel values.

The conscience, it has been said, “it is the eye of the soul which looks out either toward God or toward what we regard as the highest standard”

That is why it is important that integrity is the first measure that any man aspiring for high office must possess. The lack of integrity endangers the very foundations of institutional governance.

. “Whenever our hearts condemn us, we reassure ourselves that God is greater than our hearts and he knows everything” (1 Jn 3:19-20).