Drift to lawlessness

The slow but inexorable drift into lawlessness  is very worrying.
The current debate against the Electoral Commission of Zambia, on which we have had previous occasion to comment, is particularly wearisome because it is being led by people who should know better, but which people have chosen to sacrifice the truth for political exigency.
They are hoping that a lie repeated often enough, will become the truth, but this is not how a country should be run.  Laws, procedures and tradition must be respected because they provide order, certainty and predictability.
The current controversy fuelled  by our Minister of Home Affairs Edgar Lungu which controversy was started by the Minister of Justice Wynter Kabimba against the Electoral Commission of Zambia is  most unseemly and  not based on the law, it is based on partisan political interest.
The two often forget but should remember that they are in Government to serve the people of Zambia regardless of political party affiliation; therefore misleading assertions will send wrong signals to the whole country to the detriment of peace and stability.
The role of the ECZ is adequately enshrined in the laws of the country. Their role includes supervising elections and ensuring a level playing field, and admonishing those who abrogate the law, and none of the judgments has recommend such prosecution.
There is nowhere in the laws of Zambia where the ECZ has the mandate to  initiate criminal prosecution for election corruption. The procedure for such action is vested in the High Court.
The Government cannot on one hand preach independence of the Judiciary and on the other undermine judges by suggesting that they were derelict in their functions by not recommending the criminal prosecution of opposition members whose seats were nullified.
If the high court judges and better still supreme court judges who nullified these elections found causes to invoke and enforce criminal prosecution as stipulated by our Anti corruption laws they would have done so.  But obviously they did not find any such offences to qualify for the very drastic corruption  laws to be invoked.
It is therefore not correct that the authority of our courts should be undermined by politicians whose only interest is to gain power at any cost.  The interest of this country must come first before the greed of power is considered if at all.
It is incredible that a Government which fails to investigate a multi Billion oil procurement corruption scandal will demand a corruption investigation for a seat lost in an election that was free and fair.
Trying to win elections by technicality is political fraud.
The people in the three constituencies chose the three candidates. This is a decision that the PF must live with. It is not for them to conjure reasons and grounds to undermine the people’s wish.
It is very important that those in Government set a good example of conceding defeat when it is due and subsequently obeying, rather than scandalizing the law or indeed the individuals that enforce the law.
Laws by definition are a “ body of rules and principles governing the affairs of a community and enforced by a political authority.”
The Government,  is that political authority that is supposed to enforce the collective laws. But unfortunately in our country the Government appears to obey laws by exception.
This campaign against the ECZ must stopped as it is not serving any purpose apart from antagonizing and further estranging citizens who would otherwise sympathise with the Government.