Fighting for Zambia’s soul

The current leadership debate in the Patriotic Front (PF) is deeper than is being made out. The stakes are very high and is not an intra-party conflict but more of a struggle for the soul and heart of the nation.
A false and diversionary ruse, in the person of minister of defence Geoffrey Mwamba, has now been created to draw attention away from the real power struggle that is being waged by people who are not even within the main stream PF system. These are people using nominees and fronts in the party to promote their interests.
This is an old tactic that will not work. This is not about GBM, this is about holding the executive hostage and hoping in the process to assume power.
It is very easy to tackle GBM as an individual, but not so easy to subvert the principle that he represents in ensuring that the legitimacy and integrity of governance remains intact.
What is happening in the Judiciary and criminal justice system is an aberration that has been promoted by the cartel and it is most unlikely Zambians have the stomach for more of the same. They will not support a campaign that seeks to usurp power and authority from the legitimate and elected functionaries to backroom manipulators who have a track record of criminality.
It is not by coincidence that the protagonist shares an adulterate world view with the sponsor, while the antagonist has a clear disdain for the propaganda that is trivialising the entire power struggle into a personalised agenda as if the entire exercise is about personalities.
This manipulative propaganda is intended to distance the sponsors from the front, but not many people will be fooled.
It is common knowledge that President Michael Sata as a “caretaker” would be rendered irrelevant once the magical figure of 162 seats was attained in Parliament. This would have gifted the PF an unassailable power to change the Constitution and write into it supreme authority that would make the Presidency irrelevant, failure of which the President would simply be impeached. They have the information, personnel   and therefore means of doing so.
However since the chances of garnering the magical 106 are fast diminishing by the day, the nearest opportunity for a change of guard is 2016 hence the posturing to prepare the minds for the change of guard.
Few Zambians, however, will support regime change for the purpose of propelling surrogates into power. It is bad enough that the surrogates are already exerting inordinate influence on the Judiciary, Executive and legislature. That influence has given Zambians a glimpse of the audacity, impunity and sheer disregard for civic and human rights which have put them off.
It must be made very clear that Zambians will not accept subversion and shortcuts to power. Those who want political power must come out and campaign openly to test their popularity than use unfair and unorthodox means of vilifying opponents who do not enjoy the power of propaganda.