Fr Bwalya warns Sata of jail

The Ministry of Home Affairs were not given a go ahead by the Zambia Public Procurement Authority or the ministry’s procurement committee to single-source the Chinese state-owned ZTE corporation to supply US$210m-worth CCTV cameras to be installed on the streets of Lusaka, highly-placed sources in the procurement authority confirmed yesterday.
“This CCTV deal is for civilian purposes and is not a national secret and there is no emergency, it is like hiring parking attendants. Single sourcing in this instance is criminal; there is no emergency, there is no national security at stake,” the source said.
And Fr Frank Bwalya has warned President Sata of jail once he leaves office in 2016 due to the alleged PF’s continued orchestration of suspected corrupt deals in a bid to raise funds for their 2016 presidential and general election campaign.
According to ZPPA officials, the CCTV deal was laced with corruption as laid down procedure was not followed in the purchase of the equipment.
“The only time they can buy without advertising is if it is done through limited bidding, or direct bidding.
In the first instance, you can use limited bidding if the goods cannot be advertised in the newspapers such as bombs or cigarettes and there are limited suppliers on the market.
In the second instance, direct bidding can only be done if only one company provides the goods and has no competitors. In emergencies, for example floods, you cannot afford to take time to tender, you can single source.
And opposition Alliance for Better Zambia president Fr Bwalya said that the PF government began to engage in corruption in the first days of their being in office and that some of the ministerial vehicles were corruptly acquired.
“There is a lot of procurement that the PF has done using single sourcing since they formed government. One wonders whether this is the same PF that condemned single-sourcing under MMD rule; but what is even more interesting is that the cost of much of what is procured has been inflated to very high and unjustifiable levels. One case in point is the procurement of petroleum products under Trafigura,” the vocal priest who claims to be the mastermind of the PF’s 2012 victory, said.
He further warned the ruling party not to take the people for granted.
“This corruption involves millions of dollars being generated to fund the 2016 PF campaigns. PF should never think that Zambians are foolish and unpatriotic. The truth of the matter is that upright people within the PF government detest what is happening and when this government is removed, they will come to testify against the corrupt elements in the PF government.
Senior PF leaders will be very embarrassed as soon as their corruption begins to catch- up with them, the most embarrassing crime in the recent history of Zambia was at a police station so let them first equip the police” the opposition stalwart warned.
In yesterday’s edition, the Daily Nation exposed a shady deal in which the government through line ministries intends to procure cameras from China-based ZTE to be installed on the streets of Lusaka to monitor crime and traffic misdemeanours. Nevertheless, the manner in which the procurement has been done has received condemnation from various sectors of society, among them, the respected African Parliamentarian Network Against Corruption chairperson Cornelius Mweetwa on grounds that it was allegedly fraudulently done.