GBM tells off M’membe

DEFENCE minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has dared PF Wynter Kabimba faction to throw him out of PF if they have the capacity to do so.
And Mwamba on Sunday mocked journalists from The Post to tell their editor in-chief Fred M’membe that he was not his match.
In an interview with journalists in Livingstone on Sunday, Mwamba said that if the party wants, then it should kick him out.
However, Mwamba said he does not see that happening.
“If the party wants, then let them kick me out but I don’t thinkso,” Mwamba said.
“And mind you, that gentleman (suspended PF member Menyani Zulu) who was saying I should be kicked out of party is not even an official, he is a suspended official and that is just somebody Fred M’membe is using for headlines. But you go and tell Fred M’membe he is not my match,” Mwamba said.
Mwamba told journalists that he has not been bragging about himself and the PF but that he has been talking about what he knows.
“I don’t brag but I know what I talk about, so those calling me a riffraff and accusing me of dividing the PF they will not manage to bring me down,” he said.
In a scathing editorial comment devoid of any journalistic ethics published in yesterday’s edition of The Post, the newspaper accused Mwamba of bragging about his success in business. This comes after Mwamba accused the newspaper’s owner of copying his highly successful transport business.
Under the PF government, the Post Newspapers company has launched a truck business of long distance trucks hauling, among others, copper. The trucks were recently held by the police on allegation of being involved in copper thefts.
Meanwhile, the Patriotic Front (PF) in Livingstone district has joined GBM’s mission of endorsing President Michael Sata for 2016.
This was eveident from the placards which were displayed by PF members at the airport when President Sata arrived in Livingstone yesterday.
But when asked by the Daily Nation about the endorsement of the President as seen from the placards, Livingstone district chairman Fred Chibuye said, that was not the party’s stance .

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  1. Ba kolwe! Nothing good comes out of these PF riffraffs! No nsoni sure washing dirty linen in public

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