Mukanga chops Kabimba’s security

Attempts by Justice Minister, Wynter Kabimba, to have his security detail unilaterally increased without informing President Sata and the Ministry of Transport and Communications have been thwarted.
Minister of Transport and Communications Yamfwa Mukanga has revealed that there was an attempt by Kabimba to increase his security and that his move was wrong because the PF secretary general did not follow procedure.
A revolt by some cabinet ministers against Kabimba is brewing on grounds that the Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general was enjoying security privileges which were not part of his entitlement.
Some cabinet ministers are said to have raised concerns over Kabimba’s heavy security detail at his residence because they believed that the Justice Minister was abusing his authority and ministerial privileges.
Mukanga confirmed to the Sunday Nation that he had objected to the security arrangement Kabimba was assigning to himself because he did not follow procedure.
Mukanga told the Daily Nation that he has advised all ministers to follow procedure on matters of security arrangements at their official residencies.
He said he did not know the number of police officers stationed at Kabimba’s residence but questioned why Kabimba was planning to increase his security personnel without even informing President Sata.
But the source said Kabimba had asked the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) to provide his security personnel at his residence with special identity cards but Mukanga said it was not correct for the Justice Minister to have exerted pressure on RTSA officers without writing to his office and President Sata.
“I have said that no one should push officers at RTSA if they need to increase their security personnel because we must learn to follow procedure. Kabimba did not follow procedure so I refused. I did not intervene, I just refused because the procedure should have been that my office and President Sata should been informed.
He should have called me instead of sending some else because you may just have people masquerading as security officers for the minister. So RTSA made the decision,” Mukanga said.
Mukanga said it was not right for Kabimba to have decided to assign himself more security than he was entitled to without following procedure adding that for as long as he was at the ministry, such arbitrary actions by government ministers would not happen.