RB is a statesman , says Fr Bwalya

Alliance for a Better Zambia leader Frank Bwalya has praised former president Rupiah Banda describing the former head of state as a true statesman with a forgiving heart.
And the Alliance for a Better Zambia (ABZ)  leader has charged that the stance exhibited by President Michael Sata to maintain Justice Lombe Chibesakunda as Chief Justice was an indication that the Head of State was pursuing a hidden political agenda.
Fr Bwalya who met the former head of state for the first time at the funeral of former defence minister in the Chiluba administration Benjamin Mwila said he felt forgiven and appreciated when former president Banda rose to his feet and warmly greeted him.
The ABZ leader said on his facebook page that he felt forgiven when former president Banda rose to greet him soon after he had introduced himself.
‘Fr Bwalya’s message read: “At BY’s funeral, I met RB for the first time at close range. I greeted him and when I realised that he was wondering who I was, I mentioned my name. He quickly got to his feet and hugged me. I felt appreciated. I felt forgiven for some of the rough things I said about him during the run up to the 2011 tripartite elections. I said to myself, this is indeed a statesman,” Fr Bwalya said.
Fr Bwalya said Mr Banda told him that he was following his good work with his political party stating that he many members of appreciated him although he was a hard critic of the former ruling party.
Fr Bwalya said he was aware that many MMD members were happy that he had cut his relationship with the Patriotic Front and that he was now a critic of the ruling party in the same way he did with the former ruling party.
“Then he said to me that he was following the good work I was doing. I felt good. I know that many members of MMD appreciate what I have done, disengaging from PF and criticising them in the same way I did to MMD, maybe even more. RB made my day yesterday. He struck me as a good man not to mention many MMD members that showed me a lot of love. This is the Zambia I love,” Fr Bwalya said.
When contacted to give a comment on his message when most Zambians felt he was strongly against the former president, Fr Bwalya said the description that the former president was a statesman was from his heart.
He said although few people had criticised him over his statement, he was of the impression that the former president was a good person.
And Fr Bwalya has charged that President Sata’s determination to impose Justice Chibesakunda on the Judiciary was meant to achieve a hidden agenda.
Fr Bwalya told the Daily Nation that it was difficult to understand why President Sata was clinging to Justice Chibesakunda whom the Law Association of Zambia has advised against.
“The arrogance is projecting President Sata as a stubborn leader does not want to listen to advice. The determination to maintain Justice Lombe Chibesakunda as Chief Justice is dangerous and we are convinced that there is a hidden agenda that President Sata wants to achieve through the acting Chief Justice,” Fr Bwalya said.
Fr Bwalya explained that President Sata was drunk with power and had forgotten that the same people who had given him the power would easily take it away from him.
He has commended the Law Association of Zambia for standing against the illegality being perpetrated by President Sata stating that the mistakes the President was making should not be attributed to bad advice from those who have surrounded the Head of State.
He stated that President Sata had created a lot of mess and that the people of Zambia would punish him in the 2016 general elections.