Sampa seeks protection

Miles Sampa says his life and that of his family is in danger and has since asked the party youth security wing for protection.
In an interview with the Daily Nation yesterday, Sampa who is deputy minister of commerce claimed that three women waylaid him at the government complex as he was going to his office.
Sampa said that the three women jumped into the same elevator with him and when it closed, they started hauling insults at him forcing him out after it stopped at the next floor.
“There were three women who jumped into an elevator together with me and they started insulting me, they attacked me, they harassed me.  I don’t want to take chances over what happened.
By time I realised  it was too late these women they were screaming on the top of their voices, shouting at me, insulting me, they hauled  insults but I have reported  the matter to police over what happened,” he said.
Sampa said that his life was under serious threats because of some political statements he made, adding that he could however not state who could be behind the attacks.
He said that anything could have happened if he did not jump out of the elevator at the next floor, adding that the three women were determined to attack him.
When asked why he was attacked by the three women, Sampa said, “it is like, they were saying that they didn’t like one of the political statements I made and I don’t want to go that far again. I would like to end here for now I don’t want to talk about that.”
But a woman from Matero Constituency on Friday told Radio Phoenix that she had approached Mr Sampa in an effort to advise him not to be attacking his fellow ministers in the Media but rather find an avenue on how best they could resolve issues which they were differed on.
She said to her shock her MP insulted her and  told her that she could not advise him since he was a minister.