Sata a stepping stone -Tayali

President Michael Sata is being used as a stepping stone by those pretending to be his friends says, Zambian Voice executive director Chilufya Tayali.
Tayali accused the same individuals of harbouring selfish motives to help consolidate their positions and wealth which was against the PF Manifesto of making life better and affordable for the poor Zambians.
He said the ‘fake friends’ were also the ones behind the malicious discussions of the health status of the Head of State. “That is why we are now seeing that even Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba has come out in the open and has exposed some people with ambitions to become republican president at the expense of development and improving the lives of the poor people.
“They are busy discussing the President’s illness in their campaign trails with ill intentions of suggesting a successor for the ruling party and the country, when he is only 22 months in office,” he said. Tayali charged that even those appearing to be more PF than others were actually more interested in their personal ambitions of getting get into power than achieving the party manifesto.
“They have come out as though they are doing it for Sata and the PF, but they are just working for their own personal development and agendas.“There are some individuals who have earned themselves huge government contracts, including access to credits in the name of President Sata- all for their own individual growth and not for the PF dream to better the lives of Zambians,” he said.