Police to comment on MMD vehicles tomorrow

Police in Lusaka say that they will only issue a comprehensive statement about the seized MMD vehicles on Friday after putting all records together with regards to the allegations leveled against some of its officers using the seized vehicles.
Police assistant spokesperson Ray Hamoonga said that he was waiting for the return of the Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani for consultation on the matter.
“With respect to what you have asked for, the IG is not around, she is in Livingstone and I can only give you our position when she comes back. I think Friday (tomorrow) we will be able to issue a statement with respect to your question concerning the MMD seized vehicles. But we also need information about the areas where these vehicles are being used,” said Hamoonga.
A letter the MMD have written to the Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani,  the PF government actually impounded over a hundred vehicles belonging to the MMD and not the 39 as earlier claimed in its seizure notice of February 2012.
The MMD, in a statement by its publicity secretary Alfred Ndhlovu complained over the manner the police were administering its seized automobiles claiming that some of the vehicles were seen being driven by members of the police force to run personal errands.
“I consider this matter (unlawful seizure and use of MMD automobiles) as a case of theft by our police service. Our motor vehicles are being abused by police officers which is unacceptable to us. This is why, on behalf of my colleagues, I implore you to return the motor vehicles immediately,” he MMD’s statement read in part.
Only a seizure notice for 39 vehicles was given to the party in February last year despite a total of 101 vehicles being in police hands. The vehicles have been sighted by the MMD members in various parts of Lusaka and the country being used by members of the Zambia Police for personal errands. This is contrary to the law governing seized assets.
In his letter to Libongani obtained by the Daily Nation, Ndhlovu complained over the continued detention of its vehicles without an adequate seizure notice and the emerging trend by the police officers to convert the party’s seized assets for personal use.