‘It was a hoax’

Acting Registrar of the High Court has sworn that she never said that Dora Siliya, Maxwell Mwale and Hastings Sililo could not stand in the by-elections arising from the Supreme Court’s annulment of their election.
This is contrary to the Post’s story of  August 9 (see extract) that the Judiciary in a statement delivered by its acting Registrar of the High Court had barred  Siliya, Mwale and Sililo from re-contesting in the by-elections arising from the nullification of their seats.
In her affidavit, acting registrar Chilombo Phiri said that statement she made had no legal basis and that she had no jurisdiction on the matter as her role was to merely deliver reports prepared by the trial judges upon conclusion of proceedings in an election petition.
The election of Dora Siliya, Maxwell Mwale and Hastings Sililo for Petauke Central, Malambo and Mulobezi respectively were nullified by the Supreme Court on various grounds. Nevertheless, the ruling PF and pro-PF non-governmental organisations have embarked on a campaign to bar the trio from the elections claiming their elections were nullified for corruption even though court judgements show otherwise.
The acting Registrar’s disowning of the Post’s propaganda story comes as the second successive legal loss to the ruling PF following the dismissal of PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba’s application to join proceedings in the case where the trio are seeking to re-contest their seats.
The court, in dismissing Kabimba’s application said Kabimba did not demonstrate enough interest to warrant a place in the proceedings. This was after the defence termed him a mere busybody and mischief maker.

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  1. If “It was a Hoax”, what prompted the ECZ to postpone the elections in constituencies where Ms. Siliya, Maxwell Mwale and Hastings Sililo are contesting re-election?

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