Mass slaughter continues

Even as the international community quibbles over the use of chemical weapons, the mass slaughter of innocent Syrians by conventional weapons continues.
It seems illogical and incomprehensible that the entire international community is up in arms over the death of 1,300 people at the hand of chemical weapons, no similar outrage withshown over the death of over 400,000 by way of conventional arms normally reserved for wars.
Over the months horrendous pictures have emerged from Syria showing the brutal and barbaric killings committed by both the rebels and the army together with their supporting un-official militia.
It would appear that the world is only outraged when chemicals are involved. Other deaths are considered as acceptable collateral.
Both sides of our global divide, the East led by Russia and China and the West led by the United States, Britain and France have all stood aside as thousands were butchered in cold blood.
Even when chemical weapons have been used the international community still remains totally divided over the appropriate response.
This is in spite of the fact that President Barack Obama symbolically drew a line over what the international community and USA in particular would accept. The use of chemical weapons was the red line, beyond which the United States would be forced to intervene.
So far nothing has happened, the killing continues.
In short the World’s major powers have given Syrian President Bashar al Assad license to butcher and murder his people. Instead of defending the people, military hardware intended to protect Syria and its people against foreign agression has been turned inwards to kill, maim and destroy Syrian property whole residential areas have been razed and bombed to the ground as opposing factions within the Syrian nation seek to assert themselves.
Jets, high caliber artillery and all manner of lethal equipment have been used by the Syrians army and foreigners in the name of Jihadists that have entered the fray thus raising the ante making any settlement virtually impossible.
The Syrian people have gone so far that an internal settlement is beyond them.
As if to prove the point chemical weapons have now been used. The Assad regime is blaming it on the rebels while the Free Syria coalition is blaming it on the Government. Whatever the truth hundreds of ordinary Syrians have lost their lives in the most horrific manner possible.
Whatever the case the horrendous pictures of young children, women and young men foaming at the mouth, with the pupils in their eyes constricted, a very clear sign that they had been exposed to nerve gas are totally out of place with modern reality.
It is difficult to imagine that in this day and age such brutality, callousness and sheer cruelty could be allowed on the pretext of religious and ideological consideration.
Although both the USA and Russia are concerned that the ouster of Assad would result in  the installation of a extremist  Islamic and jihadist regime opposed to both the west and east, this does not seem to constitute a threat meriting a common cause.
They would rather the conflict ended in stalemate with no preponderance for either party.   The moral of the story is that life in the developing world is dispensable, and cheap.