Angry Sata refuses to commission Kasisi Road project

President Michael Sata yesterday stunned his entourage and the general public when he refused to commission the 63 kilometres Kasisi-Ngwerere Road project because of what he said were “shoddy preparations” for the occasion.
Mr Sata immediately turned the heat on Works and Supply Minister Yamfwa Mukanga whom he ordered to do a better job before he was called to commission the project.
President Sata who was at the site for about 12 minutes after alighting from his presidential helicopter, said that he could not commission the road project because the preparations were inadequate and immediately took off for State House
It was however learnt that he could not do the ground breaking ceremony because the road was already tarred.
“How do you do the ground breaking ceremony on a road which has already been tarred? The Minister of Works and Supply and the contractor should do their home work nicely,” said President Sata.
Mukanga however assured the people of Kasisi that government was obliged to commission the road project soon and promised not to overlook the ground breaking flair.
He said he would work tirelessly with the Road Development Agency (RDA) and Lusaka Province Minister Philip Kosamu to ensure that everything was in place as directed by the President.
“We will move on site as quickly as possible in line with the directive from the president to facilitate the ground breaking ceremony,” Mukanga said.
This is not the first time President Sata had abandoned his programme to commission economic infrastructure programmes with the first stint having been in Chiawa when he refused to commission the 8000 Link Zambia project while the other was his refusal to commission the construction of the Mongu Stadium because there was no shovel.