M’membe choked with DBZ debt – GBM

Defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba said that it was a well-known fact that M’membe was supporting and hero-worshiping President Sata because of the loan burden he had.
In an interview with the Daily Nation yesterday, Mwamba charged that M’membe supported President Sata in 2011 for ulterior motives.
“I don’t have any intentions of challenging President Sata’s leadership; I am a genuine follower of President Sata. I did not support President Sata with conditions attached, I am not like him (Fred) whose support for Sata is attached to something, not at all. He thought by supporting President Sata he will have his K18 billion forgiven but he is choked that the President has not intervened and that is why this small and weak clique scheming to replace President Sata through Bwinjimfumu,” said the defence minister.
Defence minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba says that he has no presidential ambitions in the Patriotic Front and will continue to support and defend President Michael Sata’s presidency.
And Mwamba has said that Post Newspapers editor in-chief Fred M’membe is not useful to his political career.
In an interview yesterday, Mwamba said that he was a loyal Patriotic Front (PF) member whose support for President Sata was borne out of conviction and belief in his leadership to better the livelihood of many Zambians and not out of inconvenience.
He said that it was shocking that people who claimed to be supporting President Sata were extremely annoyed with him for endorsing him for 2016 and not their preferred candidate.
Mwamba, who is also PF Kasama central parliamentarian, revealed that the cartel that wants President Sata replaced had never supported the head of state genuinely even at the time he was in the opposition.
“Tell me who used to insult Sata before he became President, tell me who used to write bad things about President Sata? Tell me who used to say that President Sata is a dictator, he is an alarmist, he can never be president of this country and other bad things? Is it not Fred M’membe and his Post? My question to him is when did he change his perception that President Sata is a good man and can make a good President?” asked GBM.
He warned that M’membe and the Post should not think that Zambians were foolish and easy to manipulate, adding that M’membe’s scheme against President Sata’s presidency was well known before he became President of Zambia.
Mwamba said that genuine PF members and supporters will not allow M’membe and his clique to destroy and mess up President Sata, saying that the action by the youths to denounce him and his clique was timely and in accordance with the party position.
“We have a President already why should people be angry with me for endorsing his candidature for the next election? Let M’membe tell the nation who is his preferred person he wants to replace President Sata with and who told him that the PF is looking for a president?
I totally have no interest in the PF presidency, I left the MMD and joined the PF at a time when M’membe and his friends where busy name-calling President Sata, painting him black. They were busy peddling lies about President Sata.”
Mwamba also said that the accusations that he sent thugs to attack PF officials who were not in support of President Sata’s endorsement were a desperate scapegoat by the anti- Sata group.
“Those are President Sata’s children they are calling thugs, they were protecting their interests and they will continue protecting their interests,” he said.

6 thoughts on “M’membe choked with DBZ debt – GBM

  1. A book entitled:
    “The Scribe-rise, plateau phase and the steep fall of M’membe”.
    The Cobra is recoiled and ready to strike.
    One USEFUL IDIOT down, a handful to go….

  2. I am keen supporter of PF and the President Mr. MCS. It is really worrying to see things be handled the way they are. You know Wynter is a relatively new comer to PF having joined in 2007 and my assumption is that he looked at the political barometer at that time especially after the 2006 tripartite election and decided to jump on board the boat. As for Mmembe just as GBM as pointed out he was the one who turned his guns against Sata when the latter decided to embrace Chiluba during the run up to 2006 elections. For mmembe what has changed now. Remember the Chilufya Kazenene issue of trucks that were impounded somewhere on the Copperbelt what was Fred’s position then and what has changed now that his trucks have been impounded?

  3. I am beginning to like GBM. He has stamina. He is a lone voice from the north.
    Keep fighting GBM. Kabimba and the post cannot rule Zambia. We shall go backwards. Kabimba is dictator through and through.

  4. In all these schemes, beloved Lubinda given was sacrificed. A man who fought tooth ad nail and was the voice of PF, and loves sata was framed, accused and hooded out.

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