PF at war

Lusaka Patriotic Front (PF) youths yesterday marched to State House demanding the immediate expulsion of party secretary general Wynter Kabimba, Lusaka Province chairman Geoffrey Chuumbwe, and his provincial youth chairman Kennedy Kamba and district chairman Goodson Banda among others, whom they have accused of working with Post Newspapers editor in-chief Fred M’membe to cause confusion in the party.
And the youths have demanded the dissolution of the provincial, district and constituency executive committees in Lusaka because they were hand picked by Kabimba without an election.
They said that the PF was heavily divided now because of Kabimba’s insatiable appetite for power, adding that the campaign slogan he (Kabimba) had coined for himself of aleisa aleisa for president in 2016 had created serious cracks in the party.
The youths have also demanded that President Sata should with immediate effect cut links with Post Newspapers editor in-chief Fred M’membe and fire his presidential aide George Chellah whom they have accused of working with Kabimba to scheme the Head of State’s down fall and his possible replacement.
The cadres chanting anti Kabimba and M’membe slogans marched from the central business district of Lusaka along Church road through Bwinjimfumu Road passing through The Post Newspaper offices spewed their vernom on Post newspaper owner demanding that he should stop associating with President Sata and the PF.
The succession battle in the ruling party reached dangerous levels yesterday when the cadres made clear demands that President Sata should take immediate action against Kabimba, M’membe, Chellah and other party officials who were against his (Sata) endorsement.
The PF youths have revealed that Kabimba and the cartel holding President Sata hostage have been scheming against the President.
The cadres who demonstrated and marched to State House without a police permit said that President Sata should clearly state whether he was happy working with people who have openly exhibited disloyalty to the party and his leadership.
They said  party secretary general Wynter Kabimba, Post Newspapers owner Fred M’membe, his presidential aide George Chellah, Lusaka province and district chairman Geoffrey Chuumbwe and Goodson Banda and Kennedy Kamba had formed parallel structures within the party.
The Daily Nation a fortnight ago revealed that there was a team of youths and councilors from Matero, Mandevu and Kabwata constituencies who had gathered at one of the Lodges in Olympia along Chainama road where they debated the replacement of President Sata and K400 000 campaign budget for a named PF minister as presidential candidate for 2016 was agreed upon.
“We are not here to fight with you police officers, the only thing we want is to inform President Sata that we are not working with Kabimba, we don’t want him in the party because he has brought a lot of confusion and division in the party. We are fighting among ourselves under the instigation of Kabimba. We are demanding that the President should delink himself from Fred M’membe. He should also fire his press aide George Chellah because he is working with Kabimba and his boss at the Post,” they said.
The cadres  accused Kabimba of using police officers to arrest, search and detain party officials who where behind the endorsement of President Sata in order to grow or enhance his presidential ambitions in the party.The officials said that the combination of The Post, Fred M’membe, Kabimba, Kamba, Banda, Chuumbwe and Mwila was a serious threat within the PF.
The cadres later marxhed to President Sata’s son Mulenga Sata in Kabulonga where thjey also demanded the expulsion of the Kabimba and the dissolution of their provincial, districct and constituency executive committees.But one of the senior police officer from State House only identified as Shula pleaded with the  cadres saying, “Mulebomfwilako uluse ba President. I will deliver the message to him, I will inform him about your demands. We are also concerned just like you are.”
The cadres who walked from Inter City Bus Terminus, to Church road through Bwinjimfumu before they clashed at Northmead Basic School said that all those who were against President Sata should leave the party and form their own.
“Iyi ning’anda yaba Sata if Wynter thinks that he is popular he must leave now and form his own. We are not going to allow him to destroy the party.
We are here at State House and the only thing we want is to see the President. Kabimba using Kamba, Banda, Chuumbwe and George Chellah are expelling people in the party who are in support of President Sata. This is a scheme to weaken the presidency,” they said.

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  1. 28th December,2013-Times of Zambia headline:
    Kabimba Expelled from PF.
    Post sealed by police, M’membe arrested!

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