PF is its own enemy

MMD Solwezi Central member of parliament Lucky Mulusa says that a UPND-MMD merger should not happen as that happening will create a one party state in 2016 after the PF is decimated in polls.
The Solwezi representative said the biggest enemy the Patriotic Front was facing was itself. Mulusa said that the PF had little opposition hence creating opposing structures within itself.
“Seeing that the PF had no opposition especially from the MMD, the party had no catalyst for internal unity promotion. It therefore turned its energies against itself. The end result is that the biggest enemy of the PF is the PF itself,” said Mulusa.
He observed that the PF had finally delivered potential victory to either the MMD or the UPND as a result of sizing itself.
Mulusa also said that the MMD had remained strong because it was formed and founded on ideology unlike the PF which was founded on President Michael Sata’s frustration after his bid for MMD presidency was thwarted.
He said that MMD would not die because of it was founded on strong principles, adding that the PF was facing serious leadership crisis today because of its lack of capacity to give a distinctive national agenda.
Mulusa said that the PF was at crossroads today because of many opportunists and would soon die.
He said that the current factions emerging in the PF were pointing to the party’s early demise.
“The demise of the PF is now and it creates interesting scenarios. We have seen two dominant factions that have emerged in support of two different agendas of the party. This has introduced the PF to real issues and reality. It is clear now that the PF currently cannot win a general election to retain power going by the wind today,” he said.
And Mulusa has explained that the combination of the MMD and the UPND would create a one party state because there would be no opposition beyond 2016.
He said that the PF was dying, adding that the battle for its existence should depend on the MMD-UPND affair in 2016.
Mulusa said that MMD had been hibernating, adding that the party had nothing to defend itself from.
“The MMD has done nothing to reinvigorate its structures. The party has done nothing to defend itself from claims that the party is dead. The reason is simple, this would have strengthened the PF.”