RB’s lawyers thwart charge ‘ambush’

Lawyers representing Rupiah Banda objected to the addition of a fresh charge of corrupt practices by a public officer involving a case where he is already facing the charge of concealing gratification.
The state objected to the adjournment request but the magistrate granted the defence an adjournment and asked for submissions by September 10.
The state averred that a new count be added pertaining to allegations that former president Banda received ten light trucks from a Chinese construction company as inducement for him to award the said Chinese company government contracts.
Despite the Director of Public Prosecutions’ office giving a directive for Banda’s trial to proceed, the defence objected and asked for an adjournment so that they can submit to the court against the amended charges.Former president Banda, through his lawyers, argued that they had grounds on why the former president’s charges should not be amended.