Road scandals at State House – HH

State House has been turned into a den of dubious and corrupt contracts acquisition as contracts in the construction sector are being shared among Patriotic Front supporters through the Road Development Agency, says UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.
Meanwhile, Hichilema has said that the Post Newspapers’ scheme is to anoint Wynter Kabimba as Patriotic Front (PF) president and that is why they were fighting defence minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) like hell.
Featuring on UNZA Radio’s Lusaka Star programme yesterday, Hichilema said that it was sad that State House had become a place where corrupt and dubious contractual activities where being conducted by those in leadership.
He said that the party had in a long time objected to the move by the PF government to transfer the RDA from the Ministry of Works and Supply to State House because of lack of accountability.
Hichilema said that their fears as the party was that of corruption and dubious awarding of contracts to those that supported the PF without following tender procedures.
“State House has been turned into a Father Christmas where dubious and corrupt road contracts are shared among PF cadres. We knew that this is what will happen because there is no one to audit State House and the office of the President. There is no way a country like Zambia should run like that, where businesses are only given in a dubious and corrupt way in that manner,” he said.
He said that Zambia had so many other challenges that needed to be addressed by those in leadership, adding that the corruption in the road sector had reached alarming levels.
“The corruption in the procurement of roads contracts in the road sector is rife under the PF, they replace qualified road contractors with unqualified party cadres who do poor works, you can cry. Billions of kwacha are being spent on these poorly-done roads by cadres, the Link 8000-you just changed the name, the Lusaka Pave Zambia and Ring Roads; all these projects have been there in the time of the MMD, but what has happened is that PF has come and think that they have brought these things by bringing their friends to get contracts,” said Hichilema.
Hichilema said that there was need to recruit capable road contractors who were professional, adding that there was a growing trend in the PF where ministers were establishing companies in order to get contracts.
And Hichilema said that the Post Newspapers and its editor in-chief Fred M’membe were scheming to hound out defence minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba in order to pave way for Justice Minister Kabimba to take over the PF.
He said that the Post Newspaper’s agenda had colossal hatred for the UPND and the people of Zambia just the way the newspaper was dividing the PF in making GBM look like a bad man.
“If Kabimba became president, this country will be worse than under Sata, and this is a Kabimba who The Post is supporting to be the president of Zambia. I want to expose the scheme here, the Post is supporting Kabimba-no wonder they are fighting GBM like hell to be the next president. I don’t know what message they are telling us. Why are they fighting? Wynter will be worse than Sata, Wynter is inherently dictatorial-you can see how he carried himself over governance issues,” he said.
Hichilema said that the pair of Kabimba and the Post was a lethal weapon for the country which should not be allowed, adding that allowing them to continue governing the country in the manner they were doing would damage the nation.
“You cannot eat tribalism; you cannot cook, serve and eat tribe. The Post Newspapers hates me so much that I don’t know. This is the party that has decided to go to bed with the PF for obvious reasons,” he said.

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