The price of perfidy

There are people who do not just tell lies but actually live a lie.
These people have lost all feelings of guilt and will lie as an instinctive reaction, to any situation, as all their activities and senses are tainted with dishonesty, subterfuge and guile. Whatever they do is calculated and planned to cause outmost harm.
Their desperation for power and control knows no bounds and the violence we are now witnessing in the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) is just a glimpse of the mayhem  they are very capable of creating.
As socio paths they lack empathy and would care less to expose other people to pain and suffering.
This was the case with our recently aborted election nominations.
If it were not for the quick action by the Electoral Commission of Zambia, the country would have experienced the start of real conflict, crisis and possibly violence arising from the very deliberate but well thought out hoax involving the barring of opposition candidates from filing their nominations.
The outrage was palpable and indignation high. It was as preposterous as it was audacious. There was open fury all round, when there was absolutely no need for it.
The so called Judiciary decision was made in such a calculated, sadistic and utterly callous manner intended to create the maximum confusion in the country.
The scheme would have worked if it was not for the vigilance and astute attention by the electoral commission.
That scheme was most of all a serious abuse of trust and authority which, according to   civil society must be fully investigated to determine the source and ultimate motivation of the hoax, a hoax that was perpetrated by individuals who have no heart for this country. They will cheat, lie and cause as much despondency as they deem fit for their gratification.
President Sata will soon realize, if he has not already, that some of the people he has entrusted with serious state responsibilities lack the integrity, background and temperament for the positions they hold.
Mr. Sata will do well to remember that second Republican President Frederick Chiluba died a very sad man. Third Republican President Levy Mwanawasa was taunted to the bitter end and fourth Republican President Rupiah Banda is the victim of the very same clique.
This is a clique that will fabricate scenario’s and generally abuse friendship to seek inordinate power and  political influence for sectarian rather than common good.
The clique must be reminded that  you can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.
The truth has an inconvenient way of catching up. It may take long but eventually the truth does emerge.
The wise have said of such people, “They tell lies to those they call their friends.  They deceive those who have trusted them and they repay kindness with evil.  But then, in their blind, dishonest, foolishness they do not turn to apologise and ask forgiveness but instead they express surprise that friendships turn sour and relationships become troubled.  They tell lies to those who help them and then become upset when friendships lack warmth.  Even pagans know that you should not lie to your friends.  Even pagans do not expect friendship to flourish when trust has been betrayed.”