Zero benefits from subsidy removal, says Beyani

Zambians have not benefited from the removal of subsidies on maize and fuel, says UNZA academician Dr Cholwe Beyani.
Reflecting on the PF government’s decision to do away with subsidies on both maize and fuel, Dr Beyani said that the move had exposed Zambians to serious poverty and economic hardship.
Dr Beyani said that the removal of subsidies on fuel and maize had complicated the livelihoods of many Zambians especially those living in rural areas.
He said that what was making the move difficult to understand was that the government and other people responsible did not bother to explain to Zambians how far they had gone and how much funds they had realised.
“The PF government has made lives for many Zambians extremely difficult to after they removed the subsidies on fuel and maize. It is now unbearable to live a standard life or common lifestyle for people in rural areas and you will see the meaning of what I am saying today when the farming or planting season approaches, inputs will go up and that is a fact,” he said.
Dr Beyani said that the PF had proved to be uncaring government especially going by what they were responding to issues of governance with respect to failure to reflect on various cries of the people.
“It is sad that these people in the government had promised to improve the livelihoods of the people but look at what they have done. They have completely failed even to explain whether the removal of subsidies was working to help the poor people as promised or not. They have failed to explain how the poor people who are the major final consumer of maize and its products. They have failed to highlight Zambians the benefits if any so far accrued from the removal o f subsidies,” he said.
He observed that there would be no benefits to be felt by poor Zambians because the PF was seriously pre-occupying itself with issues which did not benefit the majority.
Dr Beyani said, “There is no need for the PF government to continue hiding about their conduct on the subsidy. It has not worked for Zambia and it will not work. Actually it is another failed PF project because it will only increase poverty levels of many already poor Zambians.
This move will kill people as it will reduce the buying power for many Zambians. People in rural areas will not have buying power, things will be difficult, there is no way you can do things like the way the PF has done.”