…as anti-Kabimba PF youths lock up Lusaka party offices

Lusaka Patriotic Front youths have with immediate effect dissolved their district and provincial executive committees and have since locked down the offices in protest against the party secretary general Wynter Kabimba and other officials linked to the anti-Sata 2016 campaigns.
And State House is under security lock down as a result of the current PF wrangles involving senior party officials.
The youth stormed the Lusaka district office in the morning and pushed everyone out of the office before they locked and chased party officials who attempted to carry out their daily party duties.
The cadres who last week protested against Wynter Kabimba, Kennedy Kamba, George Chellah, Geoffrey Chumbwe, Goodson Banda and Post editor in-chief Fred M’membe also attempted to lock the PF national offices located at the Lusaka House but the move was quickly thwarted by the alert  police officers who cordoned off  the rowdy cadres.
The cadres who want President Sata as their sole candidate for 2016 have vowed not to rest until the Head of State acts or disciplines the Wynter Kabimba-led cartel which wants him out of the party before 2016.
The cadres said that they will not rest and no one would stop them from protecting and defending the Sata-led presidency, adding that Wynter Kabimba and others have divided the party.
“Bamudala tatwalale pali ba Sata, we shall not rest until ka Wynter goes, we want peace and stability in this country and the party. It is not only party members complaining about the PF but everyone is because of Wynter and his friends. These people have destroyed the PF,” said the cadres.
A check by the Daily Nation yesterday afternoon at the district office situated next to millennium bus station police post and provincial offices situated along Luanshya road found the offices locked and deserted.
And Zambia Police has beefed up security measures at State House to avert any possible cadres’ march to plot one.
The security lock-down at State House started with cordoning of President’s Lane leading to the main entrance.
No vehicles on either Kabulonga Road or Independence Avenue were allowed to connect through President Lane.
The other officers condoned the junction of Gumbo road connecting to President Lane where a horde of police officers in riot gear, some armed with AK 47 rifles and batons kept vigil of a possible appearance of PF cadres.
The Daily Nation also found police officers manning other roads around State House area.
In their petition to President Sata, the cadres want the Head of State to stop Kabimba from going ahead with the anti-Sata 2016 campaign.
The youths, led by provincial publicity secretary Ackson Nkhoma said they wanted Chumbwe, Kamba, Banda and a Mwila expelled from the party for creating parallel structures aimed at hounding out President Sata during a convention.
Nkoma said they were further upset by a slogan by the other camp saying “aleisa, aleisa for 2016” wondering who that “aleisa” person was.
He said that the party would not work with traitors scheming to destroy the organisation they did not help build.

4 thoughts on “…as anti-Kabimba PF youths lock up Lusaka party offices

  1. What a God almighty!
    Our prayers have been heard and we don’t have to lift any weapon, the enemy is as good as dead.
    Zambia indeed a blessed nation!
    The monkeys appear to be safe as at now, woe to hyenas for the tree tops they can’t manage…

  2. This is the real test for PF. It has even started without any election results. Can Kabimba please come forward since he claims the party depends on him as a think tank and there is democracy in PF.

  3. The recent violent clashes between PF factions belonging to PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba and Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba has not surprised those of us who know the violent nature of Michael Sata’s party.And,to make matters worse,Sata himself has kept quiet,which is not a responsible way of running a party in power.One would have expected Sata to publicly condemn the violence and censure those behind the organization of the unruly young people who were involved in the fighting in which several people were reported to have been injured.
    The PF does not deserve another mandate to rule Zambia.

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