No national mourning for Cardinal

Civil rights activist Brebner Changala has questioned why government has not declared a national mourning for the late Cardinal Mazombwe who died last week on Tuesday.
Under Government present guidelines, the cardinal does not qualify for the national mourning though President Sata can use his discretion to give the late cardinal a national mourning.
The president set a precedent when he declared a national mourning for the two missionaries from Chitokoloshi who died in a helicopter crash and Father Ignitius Mwebe, a priest who was given three days mourning.The Christian fraternity in the country has been challenged to emulate the late cardinal in his simplicity  and dedication to serve the poor.

One thought on “No national mourning for Cardinal

  1. If he was great cardinal Mazombwe was Bemba, he would have been accorded a 30-day period of national mourning. Unfortunately he is non-Bemba, so in the eyes of Ukwa, Mazombwe’s achievements amount to nothing.

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