Apologize, PF youths tell Wynter Kabimba

Wynter Kabimba must apologise to the youths for calling them street kids after benefitting from their vote.
And the Patriotic Front (PF) youth revolt against the ruling party’s secretary general Wynter Kabimba was yesterday taken to the Magistrate Court grounds with declarations that the Justice Minister had become a danger to President Sata and the party.
The PF cadres have vowed that they would rather die than allow Kabimba take over the presidency of the PF before President Sata’s term has expired.
The cadres who besieged the Magistrate Courts grounds in solidarity with Innocent Kalimanshi who was to appear before Magistrate Irene Wishimanga on five counts of assault and three counts of malicious damage to public property chanted anti Kabimba and Post Newspaper slogans accusing the duo of having divided the ruling party.
Several bus loads of slogan chanting cadres arrived at the Magistrate Court grounds as early as 08:30 hours and police had a tough time in restraining them from getting inside the court premises while they chanted PF is Sata and Sata is PF.
Kalimanshi, who was supposed to appear before Magistrate Wishimanga for mention did not turn up and his two sureties, Benja Siwila and Elvis Simukonda told the court that the suspect was unable to appear before the court because he was unwell after he was allegedly beaten by the police on the day he was arrested.
The cadres carrying placards reading “Innocent is innocent just as the name, Sata for 2016 or we die and no intimidation, we fight for justice” alleged that it had become clear that the Justice Minister was plotting against President Sata.
The cadres have demanded that President Sata must immediately publicly announce whether he had anointed Kabimba as the heir the PF presidency.
Benja Siwila and Elvis Simukonda who are the sureties for Kalimunsha told the Daily Nation that no amount of intimidation would stop them from having Kabimba expelled from the party because the party chief executive had become a danger to President Sata.
“President Sata must know that the general secretary, Kabimba is plotting against him (Sata) and he is being supported by people who believe they made the President win the 2011 elections. Kabimba has become a danger to President Sata and we cannot allow him to continue causing confusion,” Siwila said.
Siwila said the youths in the PF were angry that Kabimba had resorted to insulting them when he was privileged to be justice minister and secretary general because of the sweat and toil the young people went through to make the PF win the 2011 elections.
He said PF youths in Lusaka were shocked that Kabimba was calling them street boys when it was them who voted massively for the PF and President Sata.
Siwila said Kabimba should realize that there would never be PF without Sata adding they would continue calling on the general membership of the party to support the endorsement of his candidature.
“It is not a sin to endorse President Sata and those who are against have been exposed. Why has Kabimba remained silent? As the chief executive of the party, he should come out and halt the confusion but we know he is the one at the centre of these wrangles, Siwila said.
And suspended MMD youth die hard bowman Lusambo has said it was disappointing that the PF secretary general had belittled the people that he used to campaign for his party prior to the 2011 general elections.