Kabimba insults PF members

I cannot answer concerns from youths in the PF because they are just street kids, says PF secretary general and Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba.

Kabimba said he was too important to respond to PF members who in majority are youths because they were mere ‘street boys’ to whose level he could not reduce himself.

The PF youths in Lusaka have called for the immediate resignation of Kabimba who they accuse of amassing excessive authority by holding positions in various parastatal and party-owned organisations.

In a statement, the PF youths have accused Kabimba of accumulating power through his numerous positions and portfolios which enable him manipulate both party and government decisions.

A youth spokesperson Julius Komaki said Kabimba sees himself as a political heavyweight with all the responsibilities bestowed on him including chairmanship of various boards including Zambia Wildlife Authority and Zamtel, among others.

“The problem of Wynter Kabimba is that he has accumulated a lot of positions and portfolios which has given him power to influence every discussion on the party and in the government.

Why should he hold on to so many positions at the expense of other potential leaders and youths who are jobless?” Komaki said.

Kabimba is secretary general of PF, party spokesman, nominated MP, Justice Minister, Energy Regulation board member, Council of African Political Parties president, ZAWA board member and Ilunda Chalo coordinator.

“These are the reasons why youths are demanding the removal and resignation of Kabimba as secretary general so that we go to 2016 elections as a united front.

We will never rest until selfish leaders like Kabimba are flushed out,” Komaki said.

And a PF source has disclosed that only President Michael Sata could stop the confusion that has rocked the party by firing Kabimba from the government and the party.

“We will only stop this when President Sata fires Kabimba, and also dissolves the Lusaka district and provincial leadership to remove Kabimba’s hand-picked leadership in the province,” the source said.

They said Kabimba should state his position on the matter so that those involved in chanting anti-Sata slogans are exposed.

The source accused Kabimba of having joined the ruling party as a lawyer, and that he should leave because the party no longer needed his legal services as the PF had been losing all its court cases.

The cadres who have also called on their Lusaka provincial leadership to resign have further accused the anti-Sata crew of holding dark corner meetings with the likes of chairman Geoffrey Chumbwe and his district counterpart Kennedy Kamba among others.

“Even Goodson Banda should leave the party for those interested in running the party affairs, those who support our President, especially jobseekers like Kabimba.

We have chased them from our party offices and we know where they are hiding, where they are holding dark corner meeting to confuse operations in the party and we shall find them.  The best they can do is just to resign and leave PF,” they warned.

The cadres have appealed to President Sata to speak out to avoid any more bloodshed because the youths would not entertain anybody plotting against the party and Republican President.

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  1. Kabimba is one irresponsible individual, by definition incapable of responding to his conscious, the lack of respect for authority, untrustworthy, undependable, unreliable, self entitled…..WHAT A LOSER.

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