NAREP is concerned vote buying in Mkaika

We note with great concern the levels of electoral malpractices being witnessed in Mkaika. The National Restoration Party is very aware of the vote buying that happened in Mkaika were the ruling PF were paying money to the voters and promised to give them more if the party wins the Mkaika seat. We find this very unfortunate in a democratic state like Zambia and we hope that the electoral commission of Zambia and the police will investigate this matter and bring the culprits to book.
We have been informed that some PF party members were last night giving K500 to groups of 20 people of Mkaika in exchange of their voters cards. We are also aware that they were targeting areas that have opposition support in order to lessen the votes of the other candidates.
We wonder what the PF think they will benefit from these actions. It’s now very well known to everyone that the PF will do anything it takes to win the election. We wish to remind the PF however that they cannot fool the Zambian people forever. The people of this country are more important than a by election and the PF must start treating the citizens of this country with the respect they deserve. The PF will not become popular by buying votes from the people as people will instead realize how corrupt they are.
We further advise the Zambian people especially the youths not to be used by selfish politicians. As a party that truly cares about the people of this country, NAREP will remain committed to doing the good things and will not resort to vote rigging or any such behavior that will compromise with our party principles.
National Restoration Party
5th September 2013