Vote buying in Mkaika riles MMD

The MMD in Mkaika has disclosed that some Patriotic Front (PF) senior officials have embarked on a crusade of buying voters’ cards from the electorate in an attempt to rig today’s by-elections which has tipped the former ruling party as the favourite.
The former ruling party has alleged that the PF was openly flouting the electoral code of conduct with impunity because they did not have any regard for the rule of law.
MMD deputy national secretary Chembe Nyangu told the Daily Nation that senior cabinet ministers in Mkaika were openly buying voters’ cards with the hope of reducing the gap of their impending loss.
Nyangu said although the PF was violating the electoral code of conduct, the ruling party had no chance of winning the seat because the people of Mkaika had resolved to each President Sata and the PF a lesson for having ascended to power by way of lies.
Nyangu said the PF had become so desperate that they were ready to breach every electoral law to make sure that they fraudulently win the Mkaika seat.
He explained that the people of Mkaika and Eastern Province in general were ready to show the PF that their claimed growing popularity was nothing but a figment of their own imaginations.
He stated that no amount of bribery would sway the mind of the people stating that the donchi kubeba slogan that has since become so unpopular with the ruling party was effectively working for the opposition political party.
Nyangu said the electorate in Mkaika has been advised to accept every gift from the PF but that they would have to show the ruling party that arrogance, pettiness, victimization and intimidation were old ways of winning loyalty.
“Some PF ministers came in on Tuesday and they have gone on rampage buying voters’ cards in an attempt to reduce the gap of their impending loss.  They are also distributing money but we have told the people that the Donchi Kubeba slogan which they do not like any more is working for us. MMD is going to win the Mkaika by-election with a land slide. They can employ all the electoral malpractice but the people are determined to teach them a lesson that it does not pay to cheat and to be arrogant,” Nyangu said.
He stated that the MMD was working hard to ensure that the Mkaika by-election was not lost and that the former ruling party had deployed foot “soldiers” to monitor any form of electoral malpractice.
Nyangu said the PF had completely lost the trust of the people and that the ruling party had resorted to using threats and blackmail to coerce the electorate to voting for David Phiri, the candidate for the PF.
Nyangu said Phiri who had defected from the MMD to the ruling party had made the worst political mistake because his impending loss would mark the end of his political career.
He stated that people in Mkaika were angry that Phiri had caused an unnecessary and expensive by-election purely on selfishness grounds adding the political environment in Eastern Province was hostile against the ruling party.