Govt hiring PF lawyers as judges

The PF government is reported to be engaged in a dubious exercise of recruiting High and Supreme Court judges from among pro-PF lawyers that will be used to replace some independent-minded judges not biased to the ruling party.
Highly-placed Judiciary and Patriotic Front (PF) insiders revealed to the Daily Nation that the exercise commenced last week and so far, several candidates had been interviewed.
The sources also said the President was most likely going to constitute a tribunal to create room for more pro-regime judges.
A number of lawyers were earlier this year approached by both government emissaries and a named highly-indebted newspaper operative in an effort to have a pro-regime bench.
The exercise, it is believed, is being done outside the normal recruitment procedures since the recruiters feel that the current crop of judges had refused to enter favourable judgments for the PF government and its cronies.
The corrupt recruitment is said to be in its advanced stage.

2 thoughts on “Govt hiring PF lawyers as judges

  1. Please keep the names of the pro-PF judges so that the PF is out of power, they should be purged from the judiciary. Sata and PF will not rule Zambia forever. Infact they will not even go beyond 2016.

  2. The pro-PF lawyers hoping to gain judicial positions thru the back door are merely preparing to commit professional suicide. Their visions in life is short-sighted. These men and women being duped into political arrangements must know that somewhere, in some government system, records are being judicially stored into archives for future legal actions against them.

    These unprofessional men and women may be living in a dream world believing that PF will be a permanent feature for a 100 years to come. Yet change is inevitable as demonstrated by the recent by-elections held in Solwezi East, Kafulafuta, Chipata Central and this time Mkaika.

    These misfits hinged on national plunder include some opportunists operating in the Police, ACC and DEF. We pray that there are other committed men and women in OP likely to develop a database that will be used to correct their misdeeds against this lovely nation. This message can be ignored at their own peril.

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