Govt hiring PF lawyers as judges

The PF government is reported to be engaged in a dubious exercise of recruiting High and Supreme Court judges from among pro-PF lawyers that will be used to replace some independent-minded judges not biased to the ruling party.
Highly-placed Judiciary and Patriotic Front (PF) insiders revealed to the Daily Nation that the exercise commenced last week and so far, several candidates had been interviewed.
The sources also said the President was most likely going to constitute a tribunal to create room for more pro-regime judges.
A number of lawyers were earlier this year approached by both government emissaries and a named highly-indebted newspaper operative in an effort to have a pro-regime bench.
The exercise, it is believed, is being done outside the normal recruitment procedures since the recruiters feel that the current crop of judges had refused to enter favourable judgments for the PF government and its cronies.
The corrupt recruitment is said to be in its advanced stage.