Zambians want change before 2016 – Chipimo

Zambians want change before 2016 because of the hardships they have been subjected to by the Patriotic Front government, National Restoration Party president Elias Chipimo has said.

Chipimo has, however, said it was only God who would redeem Zambians from yoke of poverty and unemployment that has been placed on the people by the PF government.

Chipimo said only God would be able to find solutions to the deteriorating economic, social and political situation that have seen many Zambians regretting having voted for the PF and President Michael Sata.

Chipimo said that God had allowed President Sata and the PF to form government so that Zambians could stop believing in the promises made by politicians whose sole desire was to serve themselves.

Chipimo who appeared on the Pan African Radio People’s Debate programme yesterday said democracy had been eroded under the PF and that Zambians were no longer enjoying their right to assemble and associate.

Responding to a caller who complained that life had become unbearable under the ruling PF because the regime had removed subsidies on maize and fuel without thinking of the adverse effect of the policy, Chipimo said there was no doubt that the removal of the subsidies had caused a lot of suffering among the poor.

The caller from Chawama who said 2016 was too far because people wanted change before that time, Chipimo said the PF had lost the confidence and trust of the people because what they had promised had turned out to be lies.

He said the PF had been suffering from humiliating defeats in the by-elections because the ruling party had completely failed to honour its promises.

He said even the fight against corruption under the PF had failed because the crusade had been turned into an instrument for vindictiveness and harassment of perceived enemies of the ruling party.

“People want change before 2016 and it is only God who can find a solution for us. We have to pray. Zambia needs a savior who would be a leader and not a politician. God allowed the PF to form government so that Zambians could stop believing in promises made by politicians whose sole desire is to serve themselves. The PF has started losing the by-elections because people have realised that they lied their way into government,” Chipimo said.

Chipimo said MMD Petauke parliamentary candidate Dora Siliya was a victim of political schemes by the ruling party to knock her out of the race on feeble legal technicalities.

He said the PF was determined to stop Siliya from recontesting her seat because the ruling party was aware that it would be cleanly beaten in the poll.

He said the PF had become extremely weak and that it was not ready to face strong candidates such as those they were struggling to block from participating in the coming by-elections in Petauke, Malambo and Mulobezi constituencies respectively.

Chipimo said the government had consistently denied that there was a shortage of ARVs in the country but that it was clear that the life saving drugs were out of stock in many health institutions because of lack of planning on the part of the government.

“The PF are confusing the attempts by the PF to block Siliya with the fight against corruption. If madam Siliya had defected to the PF, the ruling party would have no problems in adopting her but because she was recontesting her seat on the opposition ticket, the PF would not want to face her in the race because they know they are weak,” Chipimo said.

He said NAREP was the only party of the future adding that his party would not engage in politics of insults because Zambians were interested in issue-based politics.