Cadres ‘ambush’ Kabimba

Patriotic Front cadres yesterday took their anti-Wynter Kabimba demonstration to the Cathedral of Child Jesus where they openly threatened to beat up the ruling party’s secretary general for allegedly planning to unseat President Michael Sata before his first term has expired.

They said Kabimba had coined for himself the slogan aleisa, aleisa aleisa and that he was using it to campaign for himself.

“He has been saying aleisa, aleisa. aleisa, aleisa kwisa. aleya, kuya bebele. We have suffered for the party and he is the one who is enjoying. He has uncountable jobs when most of the youths who made sure President Sata won the elections are still jobless. We also want to eat, tulefwaya soup. If he is inside, he should not come out using this door because we are going to beat him in the presence of the President. He must be expelled so that he can form his own party,” one of the cadres shouted as the police looked on.

The cadres in their party regalia took advantage of President Sata presence at the requiem mass of Kennedy Sakeni to demand  Kabimba’s expulsion from the ruling party.

The cadres who had gathered at the entrance of the Cathedral of Child Jesus claimed that Kabimba had never been a PF member and that President Sata had just done him a favour by appointing him secretary general of the party and Minister of Justice.

The cadres who thought Kabimba was part of the mourners had planned to waylay him at the entrance of the Cathedral threatening to physically deal with him.

Kabimba was, however, not part of the mourners as he was reported to have been on the Copperbelt.

While the Mass was going on, the cadres were shouting obscenities against Kabimba while the police and other security officers watched on.

The cadres told the police who were on alert that Kabimba was destroying the party and that they were at church to physically deal with him because President Sata was taking too long to act.

They said the PF was slowly dying because Kabimba had launched his presidential campaigns and that he had dissolved and suspended all district and provincial executive committees that were endorsing President Sata for the 2016 general elections.

The cadres said if Kabimba had presidential ambitions, he should consider forming his own political party because the PF would never allow him to take over from President Sata.

And President Sata has described late Sakeni as a humble leader who had dedicated his life to serving the nation.

The President said government and the PF had been robbed of a gallant and dedicated leader who would be difficult to replace.

“Once again the cold hand of death has robbed us of a humble and dedicated leader and our hearts are shattered at the loss of Sakeni. We bid farewell to Sakeni, we must reflect on his demise and what he had done for our country. We are humans and cannot fight the will of God,” President Sata said.

He said while the party and its government had lost Sakeni, his values would live on.

Sakeni will be buried in Mansa on Tuesday.


2 thoughts on “Cadres ‘ambush’ Kabimba

  1. Kabimba will soon learn that he is not wanted in PF because of his tribe. Lubinda Masebo Chumbwe and many other none Northerners will lean it the hard way as Brian Hapunda lent

  2. Kabimba,
    The guys who were with you when you went for corruption investigations have turned against you!
    Very soon we shall have the latest on you! Bazaulula.
    How about a refurbished Mukobeko room for a one-time honourable!

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