Judiciary salary scandal shocks MPs

Members of parliament have expressed displeasure with the PF government’s decision to inflate the salaries of President Sata’s so-called ‘crack squad’ who now get more money than judges of the High and Supreme Courts.

The legislators have further revealed that the Statutory Instrument No 59 was effected without the approval of Parliament.

The MP explained that this was so because the Legislature did not approve the increased salaries for constitutional officers these being the Attorney General, Director of Public Prosecutions and the Solicitor general.

And former Siavonga MP Douglas Syakalima has charged that the decision by President Sata to award huge salaries to his ‘crack squad’ was a clear sign that the PF had particular interest in the team.

The MP who sought anonymity told the Daily Nation that it was shocking that President Sata had gone ahead to award his ‘crack squad’ huge sums of money without looking at the plight of the majority poor Zambians.

“As the delegated Legislature we did not look at that SI we only looked at that one to do with Presidential emoluments and that of the civil servants.

It is so shocking that the PF government is using its powers in office by doing so many wrong things without even consulting Parliament. This is one of the cases where this government has taken advantage of Parliament by issuing an SI while knowing that even if it is rejected it would still be in effect,” the former MP said.

The lawmaker accused the PF administration of trying to be more powerful by doing things in a dictatorial manner and said this openly explained why some of the constitutional officers disregarded the decisions by some judges.

“How do you expect Sata’s squad to respect some who earns less than them? It seems like these were negotiated salaries because they knew that even if Parliament does not approve they would go ahead and implement it.

But President Sata must know that this is taxpayer’s money and it should not be misused. Time will catch up with them, as MP I don’t remember Parliament discussing these increments,” the source said.

And Syakalima said it was immoral for President Sata to allow such salaries against those of both Supreme and High Court judges.

The former lawmaker demanded that this scandal be explained because it was encouraged disrespect towards that judges that presided before the cases in court.

Syakalima said this explained why judges were demoralised and thought that it could be a way of getting rid of them in order to have a more compliant bench.

He said there was so much illegality going on in the judicial circles. He said the judges were deliberately given lower salaries so that they could start pleading with the Executive.

2 thoughts on “Judiciary salary scandal shocks MPs

  1. this is really shocking news especially when you think of how we the retired civil servants are suffering getting 500K monthly after serving the government for years as a nurse this is not fair
    on top of that we are still waiting for the terminal benefits from institutions since 2009 what is the government thinking about this surely where is the justice
    At least as soon as PF came in power they incresed salaries of chiefs what about the retired civil servant how is one suppossed to live on 100-500 a month lets be realistic and feel for others

  2. some of us got peanuts at the end of 35years the amount others are getting in a month Lord have mercy on this nation and the various people that are working so hard but not appreciated
    Unions please speak for the retired as well we are human and 1 day you will also retire and be treated in the same way is this ANIMAL FARM

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