Kabwe mayor accused of seeking State House protection

Kabwe mayor Moses Mwansa is said to be seeking State House help to shield him from corruption allegations leveled against him by the council management.

On Friday, Kabwe Municipal Council management handed central minister Obvious  Mwaliteta a dossier detailing the mayor’s alleged illegalities.

But when asked about his State House visit amid the corruption accusations he is facing, Mwansa denied seeking protection from prosecution saying his visit “was for some other business”.

“Just because there are problems does not mean I cannot make an appointment with the President; we would like to open up some other areas for development to the town. We have our provincial minister here who has been able to sort out the problem and it is over by now,” said Mwansa even after this reporter told him that the minister had indicated that a solution needed to be found at a rescheduled meeting.

And Mwaliteta said the continued wrangle between management and the councillors at Kabwe Municipal Council is sad and needs quick attention so that people can receive good services.

Last week Friday, Mwaliteta called a meeting with management and some councillors at his office to try to find an amicable solution. The meeting was attended by officials from the Central Province local government officers’ office, Zesco, Lukanga Water And Sewerage Company, Kabwe Central MP James Kapyanga, deputy permanent secretary Ronald Sinyangwe, named councillors and some management officials.

He said that even after the meeting, the tension was not reduced due to counter accusations and called on both parties to exercise patience and calmness. The meeting was rescheduled to a later date but Kabwe mayor Moses Mwansa said the wrangles were over while management have maintained that they will not succumb to the mayor’s ‘criminal’ activities. They have accused Mwansa of running parallel structures in the council responsible for illegal land allocation.

“I had a meeting with both parties and other officials were present but there are still some counter-accusations, so we will still need to call them and this one will be an open meeting you will also be invited as media, since you are stakeholders,” said Mwaliteta.