Police ‘arrest’ Clive Chirwa?

Security sources yesterday suggested that Prof Clive Chirwa would be arrested for a myriad of charges.

Among the grounds for the arrest of the professor of crashwothyness who served as Zamba Railways Limited managing director is that he attepted to engage his company, Clavel to serve the company he headed.

The state also intends to charge him with Abuse of Office arising from his stay at the Fallsway Apartments in Lusaka.

Some sections of society have alleged that Chirwa’s arrest has much to do with the fact that he refused to admit the charges. The sections have alleged that he was told to accept the charges as a precondition for the release of his passport.

Accepting the charges would have wiped out his political career as he would have been tainted by the graft tag.

When called over his arrest, Chirwa said, “I have not been arrested, at least not so far!” and asked to be called today.

Chirwa’s dismissal at ZRL followed his dfference with board members, among them Mark Chona who was Mutembo Nchito’s partner in the  infamous taskforce on corruption.