Kabimba has betrayed Sata

PF Youths in Lusaka yesterday said they would hound Kabimba out of the party the way MMD hounded Richard Kachingwe if President Sata did not heed their calls to dismiss Kabimba and his nominees Kennedy Kamba, Goodson Banda and Geoffrey Chumbwe.

At the same occasion,  Lusaka’s Munali PF constituency vice-chairperson Given Lwenshi told the Daily Nation that it was time for Kabimba to leave the party because he had managed to destroy the party the way he killed the Zambia Republican Party (ZRP).

As the President Michael Sata endorsement campaign raged on yesterday, the Patriotic Front (PF) youths in all but two constituencies in Lusaka strongly rejected calls for reconciliation by the party’s secretary general Wynter Kabimba declaring that the Justice Minister had already betrayed the trust of the President by allegedly scheming to unseat him only two years into his presidential term.

The youths from Matero, Lusaka Central, Munali, Kabwata, Mandevu and Chawama constituencies have all resolved to endorse President Sata for the 2016 general elections and that all those who were against the candidature of the PF leader would have to  be expelled  so that they could form their own political parties.

Leaders of the youths David Silubanje who is Kabwata Constituency PF chairman his youth chairman  Ben Mpengele, Daniel Miyato of Munali, Mulenga Nkhata and other leaders disclosed that Kabimba used them to fight Kabwata member of parliament and that they were not ready to be used to turn against President Sata

They have also blamed President Sata for the confusion in the party stating that the Head of State had kept quiet while the party was being torn apart by selfish individuals.

Lwenshi said the endorsement campaign was a scheme to expose those who were working against the party and President Sata.

The youths said Kabimba and Kamba were grossly indiscipline because they had been plotting to undermine the legitimacy of President Sata as the leader of the ruling party.

“Kabimba and his stooges must leave our party because there would e no PF without Sata.When Kabimba started fighting Lubinda (Kabwata (MP), we knew that was the first fight of  the hungry wolves who wanted to get rid of all  their perceived opponents. We rose against those who were undermining President Sata in 2012 and we are going to protect the constitutional presidential term of Sata and all those who are against his endorsement must with immediate effect be expelled so that they can form their own parties,” said Silubanji.

The youths have petitioned the central committee to immediately dissolve the PF provincial and district executives so that new office bearers could be elected to propagate the vision of the PF and President Sata.

Ben Mpengule said the youths were that Kamba had sold his soul to Kabimba to betray President Sata and that the ruling party had been deeply divided following revelations that Kabimba was scheming to stage some succession.

The youth who moved to all the constituencies carried placards denouncing Kabimba with some of the messages reading “Kabimba killed ZRP, Sata nafuti, all those opposed to Sata for 2016 should form their own party, Kabimba used us against Lubinda and he wants to use us against Sata among other messages.”

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  1. These youths are very naive. If only knew that what they are about to unleash is a Gennie they wont be able to put back in the bottle. Haven’t the youth wondered why Sata has remained mum while all this is happening? Kabimba knows too much for Sata to easily throw him out of the party. Kabimba is a nasty piece of work, but getting rid of Kabimba means him going down with PF.

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