Zambians correcting 2011 mistake in by-elections, says Simbao

The Patriotic Front has mismanaged the nation’s governance and economy, MMD national secretary Kapembwa Simbao has observed.

Simbao claims that there was lack of governance because President Michael Sata had failed to govern as shown by the power struggle in the ruling party.

He said Zambians regretted voting for the PF and that they had since started correcting their mistake by refusing to vote for the ruling party in by-elections.

Simbao said the PF was preoccupied with who would succeed President Sata and that the succession debate had caused a lot of tension in the party and the country at large.

He said the PF had wasted a lot of their time witch-hunting and persecuting the leaders of the former ruling party adding that Zambians were tired of a culture where every new government was pursuing the leaders of the previous government.

The former health minister said the PF was hiding its incompetence and inability to govern in the continued schemes of persecuting leaders of the former ruling party adding Zambians were angry that the PF government had embarked on a crusade of destroying all institutions of good governance including the judiciary.

He said while there was nothing wrong in prosecuting politicians believed to have done wrong things while in government, the fight against corruption under the PF was nothing but a tool for political persecution.

“We hope one day that President Sata will break the silence and say something about how the country was being governed. If President Sata could say something about how he was governing, things would change, either good or band but at least he would have made a decision. But what we have seen is that President Sata has realised that what he expected to find and do in state house is completely different. It is too hot for him and that is why he cannot come out and address people because he has done absolutely nothing,’ Simbao said.

He said the political mood in Lusaka, Northern and Luapula Provinces had completely changed and that the PF had managed to kill itself by its failure to meet the expectations of the people.

“The PF is doomed and is headed for the bottom. There is no peace in their own party and how  can the country be peaceful under a political party that is violent and intolerant,” he wondered.