Kasama police attempted to block NAREP meeting

.Police in Kasama yesterday almost blocked NAREP officials from holding a meeting.

Party national chairperson Joseph Mushalika revealed that police in riot gear had denied the opposition party permission to hold a meeting, and only allowed them after  they received instruction from officials in Lusaka.
This was despite NAREP having notified the police of the meeting at Mutomolo centre in Kasama.

NAREP secretary Jevan Kamanga told the Daily Nation that the meeting was aimed at mobilising its members in the province.
Kamanga said the police appeared to be acting under instructions from the top leadership, as the meeting was allowed after instructions from Lusaka.
“I wouldn’t like to blame the police behaviour on what has happened to us because I believe that they are acting under instructions from the top officials, and this is unfortunate,” he said.

Kamanga said the police effort to show professionalism, was failing because they were working under instructions.

He said the issue of stopping the opposition and any other gatherings was bringing down the democracy of Zambia, and that institutions like the police should be given chance to operate independently, with respect to the right to assemble.

One thought on “Kasama police attempted to block NAREP meeting

  1. It’s interesting to hear that Kasama police had to get instructions from Lusaka to allow the NAREP meeting to proceed.Are we now living in a one-party state?
    Here in Lusaka PF thugs are allowed to gather without notifying the police.Michael Sata’s presidency has become a disaster.

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