Matero asks Miles to wet Chingwere clinic taps

Chingwere Clinic that has been operating without water for the past one week and Matero residents have appealed to their area Member of Parliament Miles Sampa to consider immediate aid.

For over a week now the clinic has not been admitting patients after the borehole broke down, the facility has been forced to refer patients to George and Chipata clinics.

While the residential area had water at certain times of the day, it was unfortunate that the health facility had completely dry taps.

“There are no patients being admitted, we hear that pump has broken down, so if it is a serious case, they ask you to go to George or Chipata clinics, where is our MP, Sampa should come and look into this situation,” James Hamusonde of Chitanda area complained.

Many people have been inconvenienced with extra costs to take their patients to other clinics nearby.

And a health worker at the health facility said efforts were being made to have the water pump repaired but that the clinic did not have funds “without assistance from the Ministry, which was a long process, it was unlikely that the bureaucracy at the ministry would come through for the repair works,” he said.

But Muchinga Ward councillor Lee Mukupa assured the residents during an interview that everything was being done to restore the pump operations at the clinic.

“I was there two days ago and I am sure that something was being done to repair the water pump.  It has been down for some days but you know that if we put our heads together, the residents and other well wishers, there would be no need to wait for the Ministry to provide funds for the repairs,” he said.

And Matero MP Sampa said he was not aware of the water problem at the health centre, but promised to look into the matter for an immediate solution if need be.

“I will look into the matter and if there was anything urgent to be done, we can see how possible that would be in the shortest possible time,” he said.

Chingwere Clinic had a catchment of over 500,000 people from as far as Ballastone area in Lusaka West, up to 15 miles area in the north and Mandevu/Chipata Compound.