Mwata aides query MP Mwewa on CDF

The tiff between Rodgers Mwewa and Paramount Chief Mwata Kazembe’s representatives on the district council has escalated with the latter querying the former on how he used the constituency development funds.

But when contacted for a comment, Mwansabombwe member of parliament Rodgers Mwewa alleged sour grapes on the part of Mwata Kazembe’s representative on the council John Mutiti.

In a statement, Mutiti questioned how Mwewa could claim to have bought an ambulance for K220, 000 when the said automobile allegedly had finished tyres and a faulty ignition.

He also queried Mwewa’s purchase of two submersible pumps at K108, 000 alleging that equipment fetch at K30, 000 and K5,000 only on the open market in Zambia.

They royal representative further queried the manner their area member of parliament (MP) disbursed funds to the women’s’ group.

“The other is the funding of the soybeans growing project by selected individuals in the constituency which contravenes the CDF guidelines.

According to the CDF guidelines, the supplier of the farming inputs was to be sourced and paid the money for the supplies and services after fully meeting the client’s conditions.

Each was supposed to receive K15, 000 for the inputs and labour. How much was given and how many bags were harvested by the individual Wards, we are yet to know. May the honourable deputy minister shed more light,” Mutiti queried.

Mwewa, in response said Mutiti’s statement was misplaced as he, Mwewa, was not part of the tender committee.

“I am done with talking with Mwata’s people through the media. They were defeated in 2011 and it is now time to look at the development of Mwansabombwe. If they are aggrieved there are channels to follow. In fact, auditors from the Ministry of Local Government have twice gone to Mwansabombwe to investigate, so are they going to be moving from one media house to the other?’ he said.

He also added that the people of Mwansabombwe were happy with the ambulance and would judge him in the 2016 elections.

2 thoughts on “Mwata aides query MP Mwewa on CDF

  1. He should just answer the questions as opposed to trying to smear the Mwata’s representative with sleaze. And which Mwata was defeated in 2001? This Mwewa comes across as a thief with something to hide.

  2. Mwata and your aides, pursue this criminal, Rodgers Mwewa, in the name of an MP. There is no-way this finished second hand vehicle can cost K220,000. He is taking advantage of the illiterate rural constituents to swindle them out of their CDF. Report him to ACC/police so that they commence investigations.

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