Network blues dog Airtel, Zamtel users

Widespread disruption of mobile services across all networks especially Airtel has incensed subscribers who have accused regulation authorities of neglecting their supervisory function.

Subscribers are annoyed that service providers have no courtesy or apology for interruption in services.

Now, mobile phone subscribers have demanded for an explanation from Airtel for the terrible service experienced in the last few days.

And Zamtel subscribers have called on the service provider to increase traffic capability so that customers can make calls even in times of high traffic induced by cost slashing.

Some subscribers complained that the situation has been so for several months now without any apology or explanation of the deteriorating quality of service coming forth from the mobile phone service providers.

Some subscribers in Matero complained that it was difficult to top up on the networks, as one had to make at least 3 attempts to be successful.

“I have not been calling out on my Airtel line for two days now and it is so frustrating because they haven’t said anything to explain the problem.

And they haven’t even said anything to apologise for it. We are failing to recharge, to make a call, or to even to their customer service centre to inquire,” Matero’s Joe Sinkala complained.

He charged that as a service provider, he expected the company to communicate to the customers on the challenges they were facing instead of keeping quiet about the issue.

He said even outside Lusaka people had a challenge to connect on the Airtel system which was unexplainable as other subscribers did not experience the problem.

But Airtel head of corporate communication and government relations Chabuka J Kawesha said the company was having network challenges and the engineering department was working on the problem.

Dr Kawesha explained that there could be challenges in the system but that would be better explained if specific locations would be identified where problems were reported.

“We can not round up such complaints at a national scale but what would be more helpful would be to identify specific locations which are affected so that we can establish the actual problem.

“We need to know the exact location experiencing the problems before we can give a comprehensive report over the matter,” he said.

And Dr Kawesha said some mobile phone communication challenges could however also be attributed to the type of handset and the levels of wireless interference in the system.

He explained that there could many reasons for the system failure which could not be linked to the company service but other activities in specific area and locations.

And Prudence Malambo said getting connected on Zamtel was nearly impossible as it took over 20 attempts especially with the ‘6 to 6  mahala’ promotion as the system.

Malambo said many people on Zamtel complained about failure to recharge, failed network and the long wait trying to contact the customer care agents.

“With Zamtel, you can’t call, you can’t recharge and you can’t get through to 111 customer care line,” she explained.

There have been increased complaints about the quality of service from Airtel and other mobile phone service providers including poor customer care services in Zambia.

Zambians should demand urgent improvement of mobile phone service because they have continued to give poor services despite numerous complaints from the public.

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  1. Mobile phone subscribers in Zambia should know that the PF regime recently bought and installed Chinese-made equipment to monitor surfing websites, phone calls,text messages,e-mails etc.The equipment is connected to the service providers’ systems hence the constant poor service; Kawesha knows the truth but he is fearing to mention that the PF is spying on its own citizens.

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