Kitwe police teargas mourners

Police yesterday threw teargas canisters at the house of mourning of a taxi driver who allegedly died from their beatings.

This was after taxi drivers in Kitwe blocked the Kitwe-Chingola road in protest over the death of their colleague who was allegedly beaten to death by police officers when he tried to argue with traffic police officers who impounded his vehicle for a traffic offence.

Copperbelt police Commissioner Joyce Kasosa confirmed the protest of the taxi drivers, but said the family of the deceased taxi driver told the police that they were not in support of the protest by the taxi drivers.

Kasosa said the family of the deceased taxi driver also refused to carry a postmortem to ascertain the death of their relative.

“Yes, I can confirm that there was such a protest, but the relative of the deceased said there were not part of the protest and even refused to do a postmortem,’ Kasosa said.

Some taxi drivers told the Daily Nation that their colleague was on Saturday arrested for driving a faulty vehicle, but he tried to argue with the traffic police officers who severely beat him up.

The taxi drivers was severely beaten up and later taken to a police station in Bulangililo Township.

“After realising that had severely beaten him (taxi driver), they took him to Kitwe Central Hospital where he died,” said some taxi drivers.

The taxi drivers were angered by the beating up and consequently, the death of their colleague and so they decided to go and damage police vehicles at the police station.

“After a police vehicle was damaged, the police officers also went to the funeral house and fired teargas canisters, dispersing the mourners,” narrated some taxi drivers.