Miyanda’slibel case hearing on

The case in which Heritage Party president Brig Gen Godfrey Miyanda has sued the state, Enock Kavindele and the Monitor Newspaper Limited for criminal libel comes up in court today.

The case relates to publications and statements which Big Gen Miyanda alleged defamed him by linking him to a road traffic accident that third Republican president Levy Mwanawasa was involved in.

According to court documents, Western Province permanent secretary Amos Malupenga has been summoned by the High Court to give evidence on behalf of Brigadier General Miyanda who was accused of attempting to assassinate late president Levy Mwanawasa when he was the vice-president in Frederick Chiluba’s first Cabinet.

The defamation case that has been going on since 2004 is set to commence in earnest today in the Lusaka High Court.

This is a defamation case initiated by Miyanda following a press briefing given in 2002 by former Republican vice-president Enoch Kavindele and published by the Monitor newspaper.Gen Miyanda has also contended that the Commission of Inquiry established by the Zambian government to probe the alleged assassination attempt found that ‘there was no conspiracy to assassinate vice-president Mwanawasa at the time’.The commission found that Sergeant Godwin Chirwa did not meet Brig Gen Miyanda before the accident and that General Miyanda did not meet Dr Kenneth Kaunda and retired defence and service chiefs for the purpose of conspiring to assassinate then vice-president Mwanawasa” as alleged against him. The documents filed also show that the government accepted the commission’s findings. In his filed defence Kavindele stated that what was published was true.

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  1. Anyway, we all know Miyanda is a menace to society! Is this also not the idle soldier who used to shower at State House with a Sangoma every time Chiluba was out of the country and Miyanda was acting as president? And if he is a true soldier, let him explaim why the gallant Gen. Chitomfwa brought him from Katanga in the boot of a Peugeot 504, tortured him until he excreted stinking excrement in his own combat, cimukulu conse sure>

    1. Do not mix issues. I wonder if you were tortured what you would do? The General may have a dark past – comes with the job, but to say he is a menace in the current dispensation, is tantamount to taking leave of one’s sensibilities. The Gen has been consistent over questioning and challenging current and previous governments.

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