‘Sata has betrayed us’

The Patriotic Front youths demanding the resignation of their party secretary general Wynter Kabimba say they feel betrayed by President Michael Sata’s shielding of the embattled Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba from expulsion and have since challenged the Head of State to explain his agenda for the county and the party.

Lusaka district interim secretary Julius Komaki told the Daily Nation that the youth leadership was disappointed with President Sata’s failure to address the concerns the youths raised in their petition to have Kabimba expelled because he was working with people inimical to the interests of the country.

Komaki, who was flanked by other PF youths, warned that President Sata risked losing credibility and support if he continued shielding people with hidden agendas and  had created divisions in the party.

He said that they had given a Monday 16:00 hours ultimatum to have the matter regarding Kabimba resolved, but that it was now clear that the President was also playing double standards.

“We are challenging the old man, the President himself, not to betray us the electorate in order to keep Wynter Kabimba; Kabimba is not bigger than the PF, the membership demanding his expulsion is more important.

Let President Sata come out in the open and tell us his agenda because our colleagues across the country are now accusing the President of  having a hidden agenda over what is happening in the party,” Komaki said.

He said that the youths were deeply disappointed that members of the central committee had decided to keep a distance from the Kabimba 2016 debacle at the expense of creating unity and resolving the leadership crisis.

Komaki said that the PF needed a critical political cleansing as it had more serious and deadlier moles in the party whose desires were to take the presidency of the party through crookedness.

He vowed that the youths would not cower down in ensuring that their demands were met and those playing double were sorted out.

“We are not violent, we don’t want to disrupt the PF growth but if they ask us to do that, we are very much determined to stop people like Wynter. We know that his allegiance is to the President but that is the same man he is busy scheming against day and night. These people have betrayed us and we shall not sleep. And to those being paid to return to the secretariat at Millennium offices should try our patience, we shall deal with them. We have already employed party security officials to maintain order at the office and if they want to open that Pandora box let the President keep the matter the way he has behaved.They will not like us, what we want is all those that are undermining the leadership to be flushed out of the party, we don’t need them now and forever,” said Komaki.