Sunday Chanda sings priase on salaries

OSF congratulates His Excellency President Michael Sata for ensuring that his administration honours its commitment to the nation’s civil service.

This development on its own demonstrates Government’s commitment to improve the livelihood of the working class and the poorest of our citizens.

We expect that all stakeholders, including Opposition parties will commend Government for such an unprecedented development in line with the “more money in your pocket” slogan.

The PF government has maintainedpolicy consistency, provided a conducive environment for investment, realigned investor business practices to promote citizens’ need for dignity and ensure protection of workers’ rights and better pay, introduced the minimum wage and resisted calls to introduce windfall tax in the mining sector, resulting in high investor confidence and economic growth.

It is time that Zambians started to benefit from the resources the country is endowed with.

Lastly, we wish to call on Government to ensure that other sectors of the economy begin to create employment opportunities especially for the unemployed youths.

The critical sectors for mainstreaming youth for economic empowerment do exist and remain viable to contribute to reducing the burden of unemployment in the country.






5 thoughts on “Sunday Chanda sings priase on salaries

  1. Someone will have to pay back heavily for this tansient happiness. This is borrowed money that is being used to pay these salaries. Just goes to show that this government say promising salary hikes without knowing where the money was going to come from. After months of defering the government couldn’t move the goal posts any further and unplanned solution was to dip into the EuroBond funds.

  2. Sunday is a praise singer. He doesn’t even understand the implications of the actions his masters are taking on zambia’s economy. He is really a vuvuzela!!!!!!!!

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