Sata abandons commissioning again

President Michael Sata has again refused to commission a project on account that his officials and advisors had told him that the function would be in Chawama.
President Sata had been due to launch the Pave Zambia 2000 project in Chawama’s Kuku compound.
Immediately after disembarking from the presidential helicopter, the head of state refused to take a seat at the function claiming he had been briefed that the event was to take place in Chawama.
He left his security detail, the Road Development Agency (RDA) officials, contractors working on the roads in Lusaka and other invited officials bemused when he walked back to his presidential helicopter and took off to Chawama grounds.
The officials, ministers and some senior party officials panicked to get to Chawama ground and when they got there, they found President Sata seated on a chair as hundreds of Chawama children and onlookers who were caught by surprise by the presence of Sata gathered around the Head of State.
After most of the officials and security detail arrived and a quick public address system, newly-appointed Information and Broadcasting Services permanent secretary Emmanuel Mwamba who was the master of ceremony announced the beginning of the programme.
But before he could run through the protocol list, President Sata rose to his feet and took over the responsibility of the master of ceremony and called a section chairman Richard Soko, branch chairman Everisto Besa and ward chairman Chansa Mumba who praised the head of state for finding time to visit Chawama.
The President later called Robert Chikwelete and recognised him as the new PF Lusaka district chairman who took over from deposed Goodson Banda executive.
Chikwelete told the President that the noise he was hearing from the youths had since died down and that unity had returned to the district office after the former executive was expelled from their offices for allegedly conspiring with secretary general Wynter Kabimba, Post newspaper owner Fred M’membe and presidential press aide George Chellah to unseat the President before the 2016 general elections.
Chikwelete also appealed to President Sata to allow the district to hold elections so that a new executive that would listen and work with the grass roots could take over.
Vice-President Guy Scott who was present said the PF should not forget why they were in government while Chawama MP Edgar Lungu complained to the President that Kuku was densely populated and that it was important that the Head of State should have seen the sufferings of the residents.
Later President Sata called RDA chairman Willie Nsanda and the agency chief executive Charles Mushota and told them: “Next time I come here, I must find all the roads tarred before declaring the meeting closed with the national anthem.