Sata Cabinet 70% Bemba, says Changala

More than 70 per cent of ministers and deputies are from Bemba speaking regions making the Zambian government imbalanced, civil rights activist Brebner Changala has said.
He said that other tribes had been relegated only to voting and sending one tribe into power.
“North Western Province for example has been amputated from representation, and Western Province which has serious social and economic problems was weakly represented by one lone ranger in the name of Inonge Wina.
And please take a second look at the Cabinet which is in the public domain. You realise that the President overloaded it with one ethnic grouping and this is a source of serious concern by all well-meaning Zambians,” Changala said.
Changala said whether he had six Cabinet ministers that were non-Bemba, the President was expected to balance his appointments in order not to marginalise other regions.
He cautioned that President Sata should desist from promoting tribalism and nepotism because that was a recipe for tribal conflict
He reminded the President that the whole country needed development and that it was unfair for him to appoint people that were only from one region.
Changala said it would be difficult for Zambians to comprehend that the PF government meant well for the people of this country.
The civil rights activist wondered why the Bemba speaking people took up more than 70 per cent of the national cake in terms of governance relegating all other tribes to non functional stakeholders.
“President Sata cannot convince Zambians in areas that he has overlooked and that his government would take development there when they don’t have representation.
These tribes have no Cabinet participation in the governance system of this country and they would always be considered as the minority. It is not true that we have a balanced Cabinet in Zambia as the President claims,” he said.
Changala reminded President Sata that this country has a motto that says ‘One Zambia-One Nation’ and that perhaps he should seek interpretation of this from Dr Kenneth Kaunda.

3 thoughts on “Sata Cabinet 70% Bemba, says Changala

  1. The percentage could be higher that 70% Bemba Ministers. Dr. Kaseba is a de facto Minister of Health as the official Cabinet Minister’s functions have been curtailed to the level of merely being a “YES MADAM”.

  2. This Changala speaks from either a position of ignorance or tribalism. It is imposible for a Bemba to be a tribalist. Accusing Sata of tribalism is wishiful thinking; a fantasy that can only exist in Changala’s mind and his followers. You need to go to Bemba lands to understand these people and their ideology. THEY ARE CONDITIONED FROM CHILDHOOD NOT TO BE TRIBAL. Accuse Sata of anything – “capricious, eccentric, mad, cruel?”. Maybe! But ‘tribal’ is delusional. Remove the Bembas and a few more tribes from this nation and you almost immediately see some of these tribes get at each other in an ethinic blood bath. The Bemba philosophy of non tribal is revolutionary in the history of the WHOLE of human civilisation. This philosophy has not been matched even by the so called civilised ever racist western nations. It is clear that their phylosophy of non racist, non tribal was, and is still is way ahead of its time. It is the greatest breakthrough in all human civlisation. Few nations, peoples, communities have been able to conceive it or understand it. And its accomplishments are visible- a peaciful land, a growing influence, an ever growing people. This philosophy has shown that the best way to grow is to be tolerant. Those who hate and discriminate die, shrink and finally extinct.

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