I’ve never insulted, says Nevers

MMD leader Nevers Mumba has written an open letter to President Michael Sata over his impending arrest today. In his letter, he has refuted the government’s allegations that he insulted the President.

“I have been informed that you called the police to effect my arrest for what you termed ‘insults against your person’. I admonish you to take great comfort in the fact that I have never insulted you before, and I have no proven capacity to insult you in the future. My fear for God and respect of others does not allow me to insult anyone,” Dr Mumba’s statement read in part.

In the same letter, Dr Mumba reminded President Sata of the ‘’unpalatable” language he used against then president Levy Mwanawasa and him (Mumba) when he was vice-president.

“In 2004, on Radio Phoenix, while I served as vice-president, you called me Judas Iscariot, a failed pastor and a thief. You have continued to make these accusations against me, even with the law of the land forbidding anyone, including the President, from commenting on ongoing court cases.

I have never raised a legal issue with you or your attorney general because your perception of me as a person does not bother me. When Radio Phoenix asked me to respond, I declined because what will it benefit me, the nation or the MMD if I spent time insulting you,” Dr Mumba said.

The opposition leader also admonished the President for his alleged attempt to intimidate the host of the Joy FM programme dubbed ‘Platform’ where President Sata and propaganda machine have alleged he Dr Mumba insulted former.

“I wish to take full responsibility for the entire statement I made on Joy FM radio. My role as opposition leader is to highlight any retrogressive policies of the government in power.

I feel your reaction to my interview is extreme, unnecessary and unfortunate. Your call to the interviewer was intimidating and injurious to media freedom. Your decision to arrest me for doing my job as opposition leader is retrogressive. To challenge a sitting President is not criminal. If it were so, you would have spent all your years in the opposition frequenting jails,” Dr Mumba said.

The MMD president’s statement comes in the face of his impending arrest today for criticising President Michael Sata’s style of governance.

According to police sources close to the Daily Nation, Dr Mumba will be arrested and charged with defamation of the President and will later be taken to court.

Woodlands police, who are expected to handle the matter, briefed the Daily Nation that there was a lot of political pressure from government to arrest Dr Mumba for suggesting that the President Sata takes pride in confusion.

While Dr Mumba was featuring on Joy FM’s The Platform talk show programme on Thursday last week, President Michael Sata called and demanded that the programme be halted but that his demands were not entertained.

President Sata was not happy that Joy FM hosted Dr Mumba and called in the middle of the broadcast and threatened the radio station with revocation of their broadcasting licence if the programme was not withdrawn.

One of Dr Mumba’s Lawyer Makebi Zulu confirmed the summoning of his client for questioning over a radio programme.

“I can confirm that my client Dr Nevers Mumba has been summoned and is expected to appear before the police today on some issues to do with a radio programme. We are told that they are investigating him for defamation of the President,” said Zulu.Dr Mumba while on the programme described President Sata as a man who prides in confusion.“The country is in a state of confusion because President Sata cannot govern without confusion. He thrives in confusion. Zambia will always be in a confused state because the Head of State likes confusion,” Dr Mumba said during the radio programme.




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