Kabimba for 2016?

Controversy has erupted in the Patriotic Front (PF) in Solwezi where two party officials have endorsed party secretary general Wynter Kabimba as the sole presidential candidate for the 2016 elections.

The two officials identified as Pastor Mwilu and Edmond who claim support from over 200 party cadres have endorsed Kabimba as the sole candidate for the ruling party.

But Solwezi PF district political secretary Fabian Chipaso said the endorsement was not sanctioned by the party hierarchy. Chipaso disclosed that he had met with Pastor Mwilu to discuss the matter to express the party’s concern over the announcement.

And in Lusaka, Kabimba has denied habouring any presidential ambitions stating that people who had endorsed him as sole presidential candidate were actually the same people who had been planning to demonstrate against him on the day President Sata curtailed the endorsement debate.

Kabimba told Radio Phoenix that he was not interested in the presidential race of the PF and that he was happy serving the people of Zambia on the position he was currently holding.

Kabimba said he was aware that Pastor Mwilu and Yobe Banda who is the PF Solwezi PF district chairman were being used by some senior PF officials to tarnish his image and political career.

The PF youths in Lusaka have also accused Post newspaper owner Fred M’membe and presidential press aide George Chellah of scheming with Kabimba to oust President Sata.

He has maintained that he was not interested in challenging President Sata adding those who were after tarnishing his image would not succeed. Kabimba has been accused of dividing the ruling party because of his ambitions to oust President Sata from presidency long before he could serve his first term.

PF youths in Lusaka and some other parts of the country have endorsed President Sata as the sole candidate for the 2016 elections but the Head of State has curtailed the endorsement debate declaring that all those who were interested of challenging him should come out.