PF blames civil servants for loss of popularity

The poor working culture by some health workers is undermining the strength of Patriotic Front government, Health deputy minister Christopher Mulenga has charged.

Mulenga has accused health workers in the ministry of health of causing the defeat the ruling party has suffered at the hands of the opposition in the last five by-elections in which the PF had only managed to win one.

Mulenga said the working culture of some health workers of harassing and ill-treating patients had contributed negatively to the performance of the PF in the just ended by-elections.

He said there was no discipline in the health sector at all the management levels and that his ministry lacked a visionary and quality leadership.

Mulenga who is PF Chinsali member of parliament said that reports of health workers ill treating and harassing patients in hospitals were real stating that he had  at some point witnessed a named nurse harassing a patient.

He said there was need for serious reforms in the health sector in order to have health workers who were committed to serve the people.

“All health workers in the ministry should change their working attitudes towards patients as they are already in a weaker position, these are sick people we are talking about and they are already on the weaker side so why harass them,” asked Mulenga.

Mulenga warned that the PF administration would not tolerate indiscipline among health workers warning that government would have no option but to deal with erring health officers in an effort to restore the lost confidence in the sector.