‘What does RB’s oil case have to do with MMD vehicles?’

The trumped up charges against former president Rupiah Banda have baffled the civilised world, the MMD has charged.

Alfred Ndhlovu, the opposition party’s information and publicity secretary, stated that the MMD was lining up civil actions to challenge the persecution of the former head of state.

Ndhlovu said one of the civil options the former ruling party was going to use to defend the persecution of Banda was what he termed as ‘tribalism against tribalism’, warning that the MMD was resolved to implement the action.

In a letter dated September 16 to Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani demanding the release of the 101 MMD motor vehicles that were seized soon after the PF formed government without a seizure notice, Ndhlovu said the police chief was propagating falsehoods by claiming that the seized vehicles could not be released because they were party of the exhibits.

Ndhlovu said it was unacceptable for Libongani to falsely say that the police could not release the motor vehicles because they formed part of the exhibits in some of the cases which were initiated by against state former president Banda.

Ndhlovu told Libongani in his letter that the reasons advanced were both flimsy and unacceptable because Banda’s cases had nothing to do with the MMD vehicles that were seized without a notice of seizure.

He charged that the buying of oil from Nigeria was a continuous trade arrangement which had nothing to do with the MMD motor vehicles adding Zambia would continue buying and receiving oil donations from the West African nations.

“It is strange that at your level in national leadership, you fail to differentiate between the MMD as a political party and its former president as an individual who happened to have been the Republican president. The trumped up charges against former president Banda have actually baffled the civilised world except those who seek sanctuary and bankruptcy,” Ndhlovu said.

Ndhlovu said the MMD vehicles were procured and bought at different occasions and wondered why the police were linking the vehicles to the cases Banda was facing in the courts.

Ndhlovu said former president Banda was a distinguished statesman and a respected citizen who had contributed immensely to the liberation of Zambia and its political and economic development.