I’m ready for Sata-Nevers

I am ready to pay the highest price to save Zambia from the Patriotic Front regime, MMD leader Nevers Mumba has declared.

Speaking after the police recorded a warn and caution statement from him on allegations of defaming President Sata, Dr Mumba said no amount of harassment and intimidation would stop him from reminding the government of its failures.

Dr Mumba said he would remain firm to fight the evils of the PF government and threats of arrests and schemes of what he called ‘assassination plots’ would never deter him from condemning the mismanagement of the country.

His being warned and cautioned by the police follows his appearance on Joy FM radio last Thursday where he described President Sata as a “king of confusion who had built his throne not by righteousness but on lies”.

After his being warned and cautioned by an Inspector Shonga, Dr Mumba told the police that he owned every word he had made on Joy FM radio.

He said he would remain committed to what he had said on Joy FM radio.

Dr Mumba wondered what kind of a leader President Sata was especially that he was very sensitive to criticism and was ready to harass and arrest any opposition leader who was reminding him about the promises he made to the Zambians.

He said he would continue criticising and reminding President Sata over the many human rights abuses and the misapplication of the Public Order Act because he strongly believed that it was wrong for the Head of State to continue lying to Zambians while hunger, unemployment and disease were on the rise.

“We are ready to pay the highest price to save Zambia and I will not stand by the banks and watch the country getting destroyed. We are not going to be intimidated by this President (Sata),” Dr Mumba said.

He said it was not defamation to remind the President that he had lied to the people that they would have more money in their pockets and more jobs would be created for a mass of unemployed youths roaming the streets.

Dr Mumba said he was aware that President Sata ordered the police to arrest him stating that the people he had instructed were the same people who were informing the opposition leader about the President’s instructions.

He recalled that when President Sata was in the opposition, he ridiculed Levy Mwanawasa over his manner of dressing and speaking.

Dr Mumba said PF national youth chairman Chishimba Kambwili on Sunday said the ‘90 days’ slogan was merely a political game and that those who believed in it were dull.

“Insulting has never been my nature. Chishimba Kambwili yesterday said the ‘90 days’ axiom was a political game and those who believed in it were dull. That is an insult to Zambians and not reminding the President that he is causing confusion in the country. In this country, why can we not criticise the President? He is not God and if he doesn’t want to be criticised, let him go and form his kingdom somewhere else because Zambia is a democracy. What is it with this President?” Dr Mumba wondered.

He was accompanied to Woodlands Police by his wife Florence, MMD national secretary Kapembwa Simbao, Chembe Member of Parliament Mwansa Mbulakulima, Dora Siliya, MMD women’s chairperson Faustina Sinyangwe and other senior MMD members.

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  1. Gunning for Presidency by Mumba does not mean attacking the Presidency. Mumba, with your weakness for earthly THINGS, please attack only the Government!

  2. He who doesnt want to be criticized shud not aspire for presidency and if he is already there shud quit immediately

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